20 Common Sexual Fetishes That Aren't That Weird ...


20 Common Sexual Fetishes That Aren't That Weird ...
20 Common Sexual Fetishes That Aren't That Weird ...

There are tons of common fetishes 😉😋😗 out there that might seem strange, but really, they aren't. If you are worried that your common sexual fetish is too weird 😵 to reveal to your friends (or even your partner 💑), don't worry! I've got the top common fetishes that might seem a little strange, but truthfully, you aren't alone if this is what gets you off! 💓 💖 💘

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Anililagnia, Aka an Attraction to Much Older Women

human action,person,image,photography,girl, This one looks like it would be weird, right? This is actually one of the most common fetishes out there. Anililagnia is an attraction for older women – usually women who are much older than yourself. There are tons of guys (and girls!) who find older women attractive and seek them out. So if you have a thing for older women then Anililagnia is one of your fetishes!


Pygophilia, Aka Sexual Excitement Caused by Butts

hair,person,clothing,photography,blond, Are you obsessed with butts? Do the buttocks really appeal to you sexually? That's what Pygophilia is all about! This common fetish is actually not that weird or strange. In fact, I think that most people have this particular fetish somewhere inside of them! Tons of men and women go gaga for JLo and Kim Kardashian's ample behinds, so it's definitely not strange!


Pygophilia, also known as sexual excitement caused by butts, is one of the most common sexual fetishes. It is not as uncommon as one might think, as many people find themselves drawn to the ample behinds of celebrities like JLo or Kim Kardashian. Pygophilia can take many forms, from admiring and appreciating the aesthetics of a butt to wanting to touch, lick, or even penetrate it.

The fetish is not limited to just admiring butts, as some people may also find themselves aroused by the act of spanking or slapping a partner’s butt. Some may even find themselves aroused by the sight of someone wearing tight clothing that accentuates their buttocks.

Pygophilia can also be part of a larger BDSM scene. Those who enjoy spanking and slapping as part of a power exchange may find themselves aroused by the sight of a partner’s butt and the power they possess over them.

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Trichophilia, Aka Arousal Inspired by Hair

hair,clothing,undergarment,lingerie,black hair, Trichophilia is a sexual fetish where a person is aroused by hair. It typically refers to the hair on the head but can include chest hair or other hair on the body. This sexual fetish is common in both men and women. For example, men might like the feel of long, silky hair on their body and a woman might enjoy the feel of a man's stubble. Do you think you could be a trichophiliac?


Trichophilia, commonly known as a hair fetish, is a sexual arousal that is triggered by hair. It can be any hair on the body, but it is most commonly associated with the hair on the head. This type of fetish is present in both men and women, and can manifest in different ways. Men may find long, silky hair on their body to be a turn-on, while women may find a man's stubble to be arousing.

Trichophilia is a relatively common sexual fetish, yet it is one that is often misunderstood or stigmatized. People with trichophilia may feel embarrassed about their fetish, and it can be difficult for them to find someone who is understanding and accepting of it. It is important to remember that trichophilia is a normal sexual expression, and that it should be embraced and accepted.

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Katoptronophilia, Aka a Desire to Have Sex in Front of a Mirror

photograph,person,clothing,image,red, I think a lot of people can identify with this, right? In fact, I think a lot of us may have hints of this fetish – you may not want to watch yourself in a mirror all the time, but occasionally, it's fun, sexy, and kind of kinky, right?

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Knismolagnia, Aka an Arousal to Being Tickled

face,clothing,beauty,photography,lady, There are so many sexual fetishes tied to tickling! If you enjoy being tickled, then you have Knismolagnia, and you have my eternal awe because when someone tickles me, it just makes me feel like I'm about to pee my pants.

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Pteronphilia, Aka an Arousal to Being Tickled by Feathers

clothing,swimwear,sun tanning,black hair,leg, Other people love specifically being tickled by feathers. It's light, teasing, a little maddening, and that's part of the arousal and the attraction. I've never even thought of trying this, but I can see how it might feel really cool over your erogenous zones.

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Titillagnia, Aka a Compulsion to Tickle Other People

Toronto Blue Jays,clothing,cheerleading uniform,sports uniform,costume, Now, if you have this fetish, then you ought to look for someone with one or both of the previous fetishes because that would be a match made in heaven, right? People with Titillagnia (how titillating!) get off on tickling their partners – with or without feathers, I imagine.

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Balloon Fetishism, Aka Getting off on Balloons

color,pink,balloon,purple,flower, You hear about this fetish on TV and in movies, usually as the punchline of a joke. It's no laughing matter to the people who are aroused by balloons, though. This fetish takes many forms. For example, someone might like playing with the balloon itself, and stretching the latex to its limit. Others like blowing up balloons until they pop. Still others like their partners to sit on the balloons and pop them. In many cases, the arousal aspect has to do with the anticipation of waiting for the balloon to burst.


While it may seem outlandish to some, balloon fetishism taps into the tactile and auditory stimulation that some find irresistible. The smooth texture, the sharp snap of a pop, and even the distinct smell of latex can all contribute to sexual excitement. For those with this preference, the act of inflation can be a buildup of erotic tension, paralleling sexual anticipation in more traditional contexts. Ballooning also crosses into bondage realms for some, with the gentle constriction of latex against skin feeling similar to more conventional restraints. It’s a unique blending of sensory experiences that drives this fetish.

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Voyeurism, Aka a Desire to Spy on Other People for Sexual Arousal and Gratification

hair,clothing,leg,blond,hairstyle, Personally, I think that everyone has this common fetish, but they just don't want to admit it. Voyeurism is basically a person getting aroused from looking at naked bodies or other people having sex. If everyone didn't have at least a little voyeurism as a common fetish, then why would we have porn?

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Exhibitionism, Aka a Need to Display Your Bits in Public

hair,human hair color,eyebrow,human action,face, We all hear stories about pervs who do this, but exhibitionism isn't inherently perverted or dirty. People enjoy doing this with their partners or crushes. They get a thrill from the taboo aspect of showing things society tells us we shouldn't. Some people do like flashing bits in public, too, and the thrill of getting caught adds to their excitement.


Exhibitionism is a type of sexual fetish where one or both partners derive sexual pleasure from exposing parts of their body to other people, usually in public places. It is often seen as taboo, as society tells us that we should keep certain parts of our body private. However, this type of fetish can be enjoyed by both partners, as it can add an element of excitement and danger to the experience.

For some people, exhibitionism is a way to boost their confidence and feel powerful. It can also be seen as a way to challenge social norms and explore their own sexuality. It is important to remember that exhibitionism is different than voyeurism, as the focus is on the exhibitionist, not the voyeur.

Exhibitionism can range from mild to extreme. Mild forms of exhibitionism could include wearing revealing clothing, such as lingerie, or exposing parts of the body, such as the chest or buttocks, in public. Extreme forms of exhibitionism could involve exposing genitalia or engaging in sexual acts in public. It is important to remember that exhibitionism should only be done with consent from all parties involved.

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Sadism, Aka a Desire to Cause Psychological and Physical Pain to Others

clothing,undergarment,swimwear,brassiere,supermodel, Now, I am not into pain. I stub my toe and I scream bloody murder, so sadism is not a fetish that I could be into, but this is one of the most common fetishes that a lot of people are into. Whether it is whipping, candle wax or harsh biting, sadism is all about pain and inflicting pain on one another for sexual pleasure.


Now, I have to admit, the thought of somebody getting their kicks through someone else's discomfort sort of gives me the heebie-jeebies. But to each their own, right? For folks who are into sadism, the sheer power exchange and control that comes with dishing out the pain is often the biggest turn-on. And while it might be a hard limit for some, like yours truly, there's a whole spectrum of severity—from light scratching to more intense play. It's all about consensual boundaries and, believe it or not, trust.

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Masochism, Aka an Attraction to Experiencing Psychological and Physical Pain

hair,clothing,undergarment,lady,black hair, Masochism takes many forms. Masochists are often misunderstood, so if anyone out there enjoys masochism, it'd be great if you could chime in about your experiences!


Masochism is a form of sexual pleasure derived from experiencing psychological and physical pain. It is related to sadomasochism, which is the enjoyment of both giving and receiving pain. Masochism can take many forms, such as bondage, humiliation, and role-play. It is important to note that masochism is consensual and should only be practiced between two consenting adults. It is also important to remember that communication is key to a healthy and enjoyable experience.

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Pictophilia, Aka Arousal from Pornographic/erotic Pictures or Videos

hair,clothing,blond,active undergarment,undergarment, Pictophilia is one of the few fetishes that might help you understand your boyfriend a little better. Men are very visual creatures and this could better explain why. This common fetish is all about having a fascination with pornographic pictures. This actually can be alone or with their partner. So if your guy looks at porn, this could be one of the fetishes that he has!

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Stigmatophilia, Aka an Attraction to Adornments Such as Piercings and Tattoos

hair,color,human hair color,face,blue, This fetish is actually one of mine (yes, I will admit it!) and it's all about tattoos and piercings. If you have a bunch of tattoos and/or a bunch of piercings, who knows, this could absolutely be one of your fetishes! Who can resist a sexy guy or gal with tattoos?

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Navel Fetishism, Aka a Deep Love of Belly Buttons

clothing,blond,finger,mouth,muscle, While a belly button might not be something that I'm into, navel fetishism is something that is widely spread. Basically, with this fetish, it's all about sexual arousal from the navel. That isn't that weird, is it?


Navel fetishism, also known as a deep love of belly buttons, is a type of sexual fetish where individuals experience arousal from the navel. This fetish is more common than one might think, with many people finding the belly button to be an erogenous zone. The belly button is considered to be a highly sensitive area due to its close proximity to the genitals and its role in the umbilical cord during infancy. Navel fetishism can involve various activities such as touching, kissing, licking, and even penetrating the belly button. It is a relatively harmless fetish, but like any other fetish, it is important for individuals to communicate and consent with their partners before engaging in any activities.

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Retifism, Aka Shoe Fetishism

hair,clothing,blond,undergarment,girl, Retifism is quite a common sexual fetish in men that has been portrayed in movies and TV. Remember that SATC episode where Charlotte got free shoes just for trying some on for the salesman? Most shoe fetishists have an affinity for high heels and are drawn to certain features like the height of the heel.

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Podophilia, Aka Sexual Arousal Caused by Feet

clothing,leg,undergarment,mouth,blond, Podophilia, which is also referred to as foot fetishism or foot worship might seem similar to a shoe fetish, but it's not. While both sexual fetishes are more common in men, podophilia is a marked sexual interest in feet and areas of interest vary from foot treatments, the appearance of toes and feet to odor and tactile interaction such as licking or smelling feet.


Podophilia is a type of sexual fetishism that involves an intense sexual or romantic interest in feet. It is more commonly found in men, but women can also have a foot fetish. People with a foot fetish may be sexually aroused by the sight, smell, or touch of feet, and may find pleasure in activities such as massaging, licking, or smelling feet.

The fetish may also involve an interest in footwear, such as shoes, boots, or sandals. Some people with a foot fetish may be aroused by the sight of feet in stockings, socks, or pantyhose. Others may be aroused by the sight of feet in high heels or other types of footwear.

The intensity of the fetish can vary from person to person. Some people with a foot fetish may be aroused by simply looking at feet, while others may require more intense activities such as licking, sucking, or massaging feet. Some people may even be aroused by the thought of having their own feet touched or massaged.

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Underwear Fetishism, Aka an Attraction to Seeing or Handling Underwear

clothing,muscle,active undergarment,undergarment,leg, Having an underwear fetish isn't referring to owning tons of underwear and lingerie which I'm certainly guilty of! This sexual fetish focuses on observing or handling underwear like panties, pantyhose, bras and certain fabrics. If your partner likes to watch you put on or take off underwear, there might be some harmless fetishism going on!

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Nasolingus, Aka an Arousal to Suckling Someone's Nose

hair,clothing,blond,undergarment,lingerie, Well, oral fixations reveal themselves in lots of very interesting ways. Does anyone out there enjoy doing this? I can't say I do, although my puppy, Mad-Eye Moody, definitely enjoys suckling on people's noses. Biting, too.

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Coulrophilia, Aka a Sexual Attraction to Clowns

hair,clothing,black hair,mouth,blond, Yep. This is a legitimate fetish, and it's much more common than you might think. The culture is actually pretty interesting. Worst match in the world has to be a Coulrophiliac and someone with a fear of clowns.

So ladies, the next time that you think that your common fetish might be a little weird, why not take a look at this list? This list consists of the top 11 common fetishes that truly aren't that weird and you shouldn't be afraid to admit that you have. So ladies, what fetishes do you have? Any of them listed here?

This article was written with the help of editor Lyndsie Robinson.

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