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How to impress a guy? There are so many ways, and for every guy, these things could be a little different. But there are a few things that are almost guaranteed to impress a guy, any guy. These are just a few of them, ones that I’ve had loads of success with, but feel free to use these as a springboard to get your own creative ideas. Without further ado, here they are, 10 tips on how to impress a guy.

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Be Honest

Simply put, men don’t like liars, so if you’re wondering how to impress a guy, start with being honest. Don’t ever pretend to be something you’re not, or like something you don’t.


Be Confident

Guys like women who are confident, but not arrogant; convinced of their own worth, but not conceited. While this may seem like a fine line to walk, it’s not, and confidence is a trait guy often find attractive.


Be Yourself!

Just like being honest will impress a guy, being yourself, not putting on little acts, will make him happy, too. Who wants to date a phony, or find out later that the girl they’ve been dating isn’t who he thought she was?


Be Secure in the Bedroom

You’re an adult. You know what you want in life, from a companion, and especially in the bedroom. Men aren’t mind-readers any more than we are, so why waste his time and yours with guesswork between the sheets?


Show Your Hidden Talents

If you can sing, sing! If you know Spanish, order your meal from Mexican Town in Spanish! If you can dance, shake your booty! Impress your man with your unique, hidden talent. He’ll be pleasantly surprised and you’ll get a chance to show off a little.


Showing your hidden talents is a great way to impress a guy and add some excitement to your relationship. Whether it's singing, speaking a different language, or dancing, these unique skills can catch his attention and make you stand out from the crowd. Not only will he be impressed by your abilities, but it also shows your confidence and willingness to be vulnerable. This can deepen your connection and make him see you in a new light. So don't be afraid to show off your hidden talents and let your inner talents shine. Who knows, it may even lead to new shared interests and hobbies between the two of you.


Keep Financially Stable

No-one wants to be burdened with someone else’s financial irresponsibility, so impress your guy, and save yourself a lot of undue stress by keeping your financial ducks in a tidy row.


Ditch the Frenemies

This is one bit of drama men don’t understand, and certainly don’t like. If you have a frenemy, now’s the time to ditch the bitch and impress your guy.


Don’t Be Clingy

There’s nothing wrong with showing your love and affection, but guys don’t like girls who are overly clingy. It screams of insecurity, something no-one but emotional predators find attractive.


Know a Little about Cars

I’m not sure what it is with guys and their cars, but if you’re still wondering how to impress a guy, go for broke and educate yourself a little about cars, in particular, his favorite cars. Or if he’s into racing, or classic cars, show an interest in that, too. Don’t force yourself though. If you’re just not interested, he’ll be able to tell, and it won’t impress him — he’ll find it annoying.


Know a Little about Sports

If there’s a sport you happen to love to watch or play, let your guy know! Chances are, he’ll think it’s incredibly sexy (especially if you wear a cute jersey to support your team) and it’s sure to impress him!

My dears, I’ve tried every single one of these tips on how to impress a guy, and they all work with every kind of guy, the sports fans and the librarians alike. Which of these tips do you think you’ll try, and which are already in your own repertoire? Or do you have another tip to share? Please let me know!

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Guys find the neck sexy don't be afraid to show it off;)

this will help me alot, its so hard to know what men want!! at least i have a idea now :)

Thanks for the awesome tips and info. I love your site! I'm like addicted to it now!!! Xoxo

You are truly the love guru! I just love it

My husband and i are looking into having children, and i have always been confused as to which whole the penis goes in!!! HELP ME!

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