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New Years Resolutions are hard to keep aren't they? Well ladies, you'll find, if you make New Years resolutions with your spouse, you'll most likely keep it! So this New Years, why don't you try to work on your relationship? Maybe if it's in the form of New Years resolutions, you'll be able to keep your commitments. Below, I've compiled the top 13 New Years resolutions that you can make for next year to make it a great year for your relationship!

1. Make Time to Connect

This is one of the biggest New Years resolutions that I'm going to make this year. Taking time out for your relationship and truly making time for one another is hard. So whether it's the busy schedules or the kids, make sure that you schedule some time to spend with your spouse. It'll make all of the difference in your relationship!

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Ricki Stewart
You have to remember that every relationship has it's ups and downs. That doesn't mean give up on him or stay sad it means show your mate you love them through it all.
@Donna just keep in mind that everything will be ok. Arguments happen in every relationship. Yeah they're no fun but if you keep a positive mind that it'll all work out, then you'll be ok!
lastnight my boyfriend and I had our first argument!! I was hurt but didn't k oa how to take it!!! the phone conversation was awkward I didn't know what to say to him afterwards!! how do I get over the fact of being sad when we argue?
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