How to Judge Your Boyfriend's Faithfulness ...


Fidelity is the cornerstone of every happy relationship and if you wonder if your loved one only has eyes for you, just read on and discover a few obvious signs of a faithful boyfriend. There are a lot of men out there who absolutely adore their partners and who would never cheat on them, no matter how bad things would get between them and their better half. By knowing that your boyfriend is faithful, you will feel safer and more secure, and you’ll be able to focus more on improving other aspects of your relationship. If you want to know if you’re a part of that lucky percentage, here are a few obvious signs of a faithful boyfriend that you should consider:

1. He is Open and Honest

One of the most obvious signs of a faithful boyfriend is the fact that he is open and honest. He shares every little thing with you, he’s transparent and he has nothing to hide from you. You know all there is to know about him, he tells you where he was and with whom, even if you did not ask him that.

He Only Has Eyes for You


Vitri Handayanii
Oh my God thank you for posting this!!!!
I don't agree with this, especially the numbers 1-4. Just 5 years ago, he's doing all those things not until one day when I caught him seeing another woman.
Sofie Guldberg
That is a little pissimist. I believe in faithfullness and so should you. You can't build a good relationship if you don't believe in it!
I agree with Candypie... I'm 47 years old and i have met till now only 2 couples who are really faithful to each other!!
he could still be doing all this and is still unfaithful
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