7 Online Dating Profile Mistakes ...

There are consequences to making dating profile mistakes, indeed. Hello! Have you ever been "catfished," when your dream date turns into a nightmare when the person and the profile doesn’t quite match, like on MTV’s Catfish? For example: the profile suggests that she is actually a he! If you’re looking for love online, don’t you dare make these following seven dating profile mistakes...

1. Don’t Post Outdated Pictures

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The worst of the dating profile mistakes can easily be solved with a smartphone: take some pictures today! Do you truly believe that you look like the 17-year-old high school senior that you used to be, say, ten years ago? I’m sure you’re beautiful, so don’t set up your date for an not-so-welcome surprise by posting outdated pictures.

2. Don’t Bash Your Ex

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You might be single because… hey girl, it’s over and he has moved on. No need to scare off your next man by trash-talking about the past. You have to show that you look forward to bigger and better in a date. Bashing the ex makes you look like an emotional train wreck stuck at the station!

3. Don’t Bash an Entire Gender or Race

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What’s worse than talking smack about an ex? How about dissing an entire group of people, yo? Look, you cannot just an entire gender or race based on the shortcomings of one person. It’s not fair to the one you haven’t even met yet.

4. Don’t Embellish the Truth

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Are you an Assistant Manager, or a Manager’s Assistant (yes, there is a difference!)? Have you scored an acting role, or were you an extra? Chances are you will be found out – thanks to a simple Google search – so stop lying to people!

5. Don’t Make Yourself Available to Everyone

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Make it clear on your profile readers that you only date within a certain radius. What’s the point of meeting a handsome guy online, when he lives across the country from you? You know the drill: the two of you spend hours texting and social networking, and you finally make plans to meet and come to find out he doesn’t exist. Stay in your own state (or province) when it comes to online dating, or risk getting catfished.

6. Don’t Set High Expectations

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You might want to think twice before you state your intentions, and before you create that Knot account. Going into online dating to find a husband is just plain wrong. What is the rush? You need to know what you’re getting into, and the best way to do this is to take your time, and to let it be known that you’re taking your time to meet the right guy.

7. Don’t Hide Your Body

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Your face is flawless, I’m sure, but it’s all about honesty. Don’t fool guys into thinking you’re a size six when you’re a sixteen. There is love out here for everyone, except for those who won’t disclose their whole body in their pics.

I have just made dot-com dating easier for you. By pointing out these common online dating profile mistakes, you are more likely to meet someone you can tolerate in person. Imagine that! Now log in, update your page and let your profile do the flirting. Before you go, can you share any other profile mistakes? You know… so I can spread the word. Ha!

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