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7 Ways to Be Single at the Next Family Gathering ...

By Tyjuana

By learning the best ways to be single, you’ll be able to deal with your family this year. While some Americans are bracing for another snowstorm, springtime is still around the corner in the US. This means the Easter dinners, graduation parties and weddings are all on the way. Bachelorettes, don’t you dare dread getting cute for an occasion any longer. Check out these seven ways to be single at the next family gathering.

1 Plead the Fifth

The smartest of the seven ways to be single is right under your nose, literally: keep your mouth shut. You don’t have to answer any of those god-awful, annoying inquiries from "concerned" relatives. Questions like "Still single?" or "So, when is your big day?" (as if a wedding is the only big day in life these days) don’t require answers from you. Switch the subject, or simply go polite on your family’s behinds and tell them that your personal life isn’t up for interrogation.

2 Find Other Singles

Misery isn’t the only one looking for company. You cannot be the only single in the family clan. Call up your unmarried cousins and make the next get-together an all out singles fest. Friends of the family and the neighbors count in this case, too!

3 Dress Your Best

Look the part of a happily-single woman. I don’t care if you’re headed to your uncle’s backyard for a barbecue; you still need to bring it. From a new ‘do to a new pair of shoes, make every married woman wish they were you. Remember, you’re single so spend what you want on your look; it's your money, honey!

4 Make a Grand Entrance

You know the woman who seems to have the spotlight on her, no matter where she is? This time, let that woman be you! that. Bring your smiles – along with a high tolerance for hugs and kisses – to the next event. Part of looking the part includes making a grand entrance.

5 Make a Grand Exit

Say "peace out" in style, too. You’re a woman on the move, so let your loved ones know that while it’s been fun (ha!) you have to go. Go where? Well, that’s up to you; for me, a Lifetime TV marathon is enough of an emergency for me. So, blow kisses to all and get out of Dodge!

6 Don’t Drink Too Much

Getting drunk in public these days is pretty much an audition for YouTube, or the countless blogs designed to make you look like a dummy. The last thing you need is to be labeled as "the drunk single girl" slumped over… with mascara running for its life. Don’t get me started on the slurred speech with the phrase "He ain’t sh*t!" coming from your mouth. Slow down on the drinks!

7 Join the Planning Committee

Take the focus off of your single state and help plan the next family gathering. Can you cook, or play "DJ" for a few hours? You’ll be so busy with your tasks, being single will be the last thought on your mind.

Your family means well, but they are notorious for reminding you just how single you are! My seven ways to be single at the next family gathering will serve as a survival guide for this year’s upcoming events. Share your tips here, and then, hit the gym and get a makeover; give them all something to talk about!

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