7 Mistakes You Dont Want to Make That Will Sabotage Your Relationship ...

By Sici

We all know that relationships are hard, that isn’t a surprise to anyone. Even the happiest couples in the world have to go through a few testing times at different points, but outside of the normal bickering and disagreements, what we should all be trying to do is get rid of that sabotaging nature that sometimes creeps up and makes itself seen and heard. The last thing you want to do is ruin a good thing for no reason. Here are seven mistakes that will sabotage your relationship and make him pull away.

Table of contents:

  1. being needy
  2. interrogation
  3. lack of trust
  4. sex as a tool
  5. chasing him
  6. dominating
  7. space

1 Being Needy

There is nothing wrong with being dependent on your partner, that is natural, but when you start demanding more of them in terms of attention than they can physically give, you come across as needy and that is not an attractive quality in any person. Branch out on your own once in a while as well, it doesn’t always have to be something you do together.

2 Interrogation

Don’t turn your evening routine into a game of twenty questions. The more you interrogate your partner, the more you start to sound like their mother rather than their partner, and the one thing that will kill a romance is being reminded of their mum!

3 Lack of Trust

Try not to let that little voice in the back of your head take over. You need to show trust and faith in your partner to live their life without your constant hovering. If you don’t trust them, they will react negatively and the relationship will never last under such conditions.

4 Sex as a Tool

It is absolutely a woman’s right to not have sex when she doesn’t want to, but there is a difference between that and using sex with your partner as a tool to get what you want. If you only sleep with them after they agree to do something for you or with you, that doesn’t spark healthy vibes for the future. He will get tired of your manipulation.

5 Chasing Him

Don’t spend too much time trying to chase him up wherever he goes, to check on whatever he is doing. This ties in closely with being able to trust him. He’s not a child, and again, you aren’t his mother, so you need to give him space just as you appreciate him giving you space when you are with your girls.

6 Dominating

Some guys don’t mind taking a back seat in the relationship and being driven by their girlfriend, but if you are being dominant when he wants more of an equal dynamic, it is going to pose a serious problem eventually.

7 Space

You need to make sure that you give him space, just like you like your own space from time to time. The goal isn’t to suffocate a partner in a relationship, the goal is to come together to build a bubble together where you have just as much loving time together as you do quality time to yourselves.

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