9 Overlooked Ways You're Sabotaging Your Relationship ...


When it comes to dating, you might be one of many who overlook the various ways you're sabotaging your relationship. It may seem like you simply can't find the one or you blame every breakup on the other person. The problem could be you. If you're guilty of any of these ways you're sabotaging your relationship, don't worry. They can be fixed and love could be right around the corner.

1. You're Eager to Keep Your Options Open

One of the most common ways you're sabotaging your relationship is by trying to always keep your options open. Instead of committing to one relationship, you want to date several people at once. Odds are, you have a little black book full of guys. Guys who are looking for a serious relationship tend to avoid these situations. They prefer to have your full attention and not simply be a backburner option.

You Don't Want to Progress


Mayra K
There are all true but the "fixer" one...I have almost walked out of my current relationship like 4 or 5 times in 8 months. I had to learn how to be patient, understanding n honest with my own self. N...
*many years! He he!
The fixer uppers really wear a gal down. I married one mangy ears ago( long since divorced ), he didn't stay fixed for long!
Thank u do much for this article
Needed this info ... Where was Friday when I was sabotaging my good thing...
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