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To understand the true meaning of love and what it's really all about, you need o be familiar with the ways to identify healthy love. It's within a clear comprehension of these traits that you discover why past relationships didn't work out. Without these traits you could lose yourself to another person and never find the fulfillment you deserve. To begin your journey to the truth, let's explore the ways to identify healthy love.

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Better Understanding of Love

The first step in learning how to identify healthy love is to gain a new perspective about what love is itself. Here's the difference between “like” and “love.” If you like someone you appreciate some traits they possess, but whether their life goes awry or not, doesn't have a direct connection to you or on your life. However, when you love someone and you identify it as so, you're making a solid commitment to that individual. In a healthy relationship, this commitment is shared.


Common, Shared Purpose

For a long term relationship to work out and remain healthy, you must share a common purpose. Each other's success is intertwined and leads to a shared goal. As the relationship progresses you are building something together. This doesn't mean each of you cannot be your own person, as this is essential. It implies that you accomplish overall life goals together through a common foundation and you progress to the next goal or aspirations with a shared objective.



The beginning of any relationship requires a period of adjustment. Patience is the key to this. However, as the relationship progresses further, you must both exhibit patience with each other. This doesn't mean if he is mistreating you, it's urgent for you to be patient as he will change. If he mistreats you after you have confronted him about how it makes you feel, it's time to go. What I mean is patience is necessary in life and love. Everything happens in its own time and if you become impatient you could cause irreparable damage unnecessarily.


Honest Communications

Communication is the key to all great and healthy relationships. Although there will be days when you want to snap and snarl at each other, you should remain honest throughout the relationship. If you become angry, it's best to step away until you find your center, then you can articulate your throughts more clearly. You should never be afraid to say, “No.” In all relationships, you must maintain self-respect. There must be balance within your communications to allow you both time to speak.


Mutual Consideration

Consideration for each other's feelings is necessary in all relationships. Here's the truth: things will not always go your way, nor will they always go his. But this doesn't mean either of you should feel unloved at any time. Frustation and even annoyance is natural. It happens. However, in all of your actions and his as well, there must be mutual respect.



Once you are in a committed relationship, there is an establishment of bonds. Remaining loyal in a society that makes divorce as easy as getting an oil change is a challenge for some people. Here's the truth, if you really love this person, you won't cheat and vice versa. Loyalty isn't about faithfulness only. Loyalty encompasses the trust and faith you have in each other in all decisions. It implies that you have each other's back and provide support throughout the relationship.


Fun Together, Fun Alone

In all relationships, there must be fun. If you are boring each other to tears and never spend any time together having fun, you will run into serious problems down the road. However, the key element is that you must maintain the ability to have fun together or alone. You can't be together every second of every day. In a healthy relationship there is fun and there is balance between time together and time alone.

Healthy relationships are fulfilling and do not present you with the feeling of unworthiness. You are content and happy in a way that is unimaginable yet it is achievable. What are some traits of your relationship that make it healthy and wonderful?

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