7 Positively Useful Tips on How to Flirt Online ...


I’ve often wondered how to flirt online. I read up, got some practice, and now I consider myself an online flirting expert! Just like there are rules for flirting in the real world, I have some ideas to help you become the world’s best online flirt. Here are 7 tips on how to flirt online. Let’s go!

1. Go Active All over!

Why limit yourself to flirting on Facebook or Twitter or eHarmony when you can flirt online all over! Set up a profile on a few different dating websites (I recommend OKCupid and Fellody) and use them, along with Facebook and Twitter, to flirt all over the web!

Be Yourself!


Sonali Chandna
I think it is necessary to portray real personality when online, and as these days you have availability of dating sites with chat rooms , just find men who tickle your funny bone and want to continue...
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