17 Bad Boy Traits You Don't Actually Want in a Boyfriend ...


17 Bad Boy Traits You Don't Actually Want in a Boyfriend ...
17 Bad Boy Traits You Don't Actually Want in a Boyfriend ...

We've all had a crush on a bad boy before. There's something about them that is just plain irresistible. Of course, it's not always a great idea to get involved with a guy like that. Here are a few bad boy traits you don't actually want in a boyfriend:

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Dishonest You can't trust a liar. If you're never sure if the words coming out of his mouth are genuine, it'll be hard to hold a conversation with him.


Trust is the foundation of any strong relationship, and without it, you're essentially building on quicksand. Constantly questioning the truth behind his stories or promises not only exhausts your peace of mind but also erodes your emotional connection. A relationship should be a safe haven, not a detective game where you're always piecing together clues to gauge honesty. Steer clear of someone who makes pinocchio seem like a saint, because true affection cannot flourish under the shadows of deceit.



Disloyal You deserve a man who's loyal. You should be the only woman in his life.


Loyalty forms the cornerstone of any strong relationship, and anything less is a disservice to your worth. A real partner will honor that sacred bond, choosing to share his life and love exclusively with you. If he's glancing elsewhere, or keeping his options open, he's not only undermining your trust but actively disrespecting the essence of commitment. Remember, you deserve someone who chooses you every single day, without hesitation or distraction. Don't settle for a man whose loyalty wavers; hold out for one whose devotion is as steadfast as your own.



Reckless There's a difference between riding a motorcycle while sober and riding a motorcycle while drunk on icy roads without a helmet. He can be badass without being reckless.


Sure, he might seem thrilling at first glance, but reckless behavior is nothing short of a colossal red flag. It's all fun and games until the danger affects you directly. This "living on the edge" attitude often extends beyond just the thrill of a motorcycle ride—it can mean poor decision-making in all aspects of life. From finances to friendships, you don't want to be caught in the combustible fallout of his carefree escapades. True courage involves knowing the limits, not ignoring them. Choose the man who knows how to handle the throttle—both on the road and in life.



Impulsive You don't want him to impulsively kiss your best friend, just because she looks pretty that day. Impulsiveness isn't always a good thing.



hair, black and white, photograph, person, photography, Mysteriousness is sexy at first. Of course, after a while, it gets old. Wouldn't you rather date a guy who actually tells you about his life instead of keeping it a secret?


Sure, the enigmatic aura of a brooding man can be intensely alluring, but once the initial thrill fades, you’ll crave transparency. Good relationships are built on trust and open communication, not on a never-ending game of cat and mouse. Secrets breed suspicion, and who wants a love life filled with detective work? You'll yearn for someone who's an open book, not a sealed vault. After all, real intimacy is about sharing, not hiding.

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Unpredictable Predictability is boring. However, if he's so unpredictable that you're worried about introducing him to your parents, then there's a problem.


Sure, a dash of spontaneity can add excitement to a relationship, but too much uncertainty can lead to anxiety and insecurity. You want a heart-racer for a date night, not a heartbreaker who's consistently unreliable. When his unpredictable nature has you second-guessing whether he'll show up for important occasions or keep his promises, it's time to rethink if the thrill is worth the emotional roller coaster. Stability doesn’t have to mean stagnation, but a reliable partner provides a much-needed balance to life's inherent chaos.



black, facial expression, face, white, black and white, If he doesn't care whether or not he sees you, how much could he really like you? You need someone who isn't afraid to admit that he cares.


When he's nonchalant about plans or doesn't bother to check in, consider it a red flag. A true partner is enthusiastic about spending time with you and makes an effort to be part of your life. Indifference is a sign of disrespect, and you deserve someone who is as excited to see you as you are to see them. Don't settle for a shrug when you can have a heartbeat that quickens at the thought of you.



Rough If he leaves any bruises on you, people are going to ask questions. He should leave a mark on your heart, but not anywhere else.


A true bad boy might stir a whirlwind of excitement, but it's vital to distinguish between what's thrilling and what's troublesome. It's one thing for him to have an adventurous spirit and a carefree attitude, but entirely another for him to be reckless with your safety or wellbeing. You deserve someone who challenges you intellectually and emotionally, someone who pushes you to grow, but never at the cost of your peace of mind or physical integrity. Remember, the only scars a loving partner should leave are those of laughter lines from shared joy, not the shadows of harm.



Selfish If he only cares about himself, then why would he buy you birthday presents or help you with the dishes? He won't have any reason to make your life easier when he only cares about his own.



Irresponsible You need to find someone who will follow through with their promises. Otherwise, you'll never know if he'll actually show up to pick you up from the airport, or if you'll be left stranded.



Quick-tempered If he gets angry over everything, it's a red sign. You don't want that anger to get out of control, because it could end in physical violence.



photography, music, entertainment, singing, If he thinks he's the center of the universe, it's going to be hard to convince him that other things matter in life.



Vain It's nice to date a sexy guy. It's not as nice when you realize he spends more time looking in the mirror than looking into your eyes.


When the selfies on his phone outnumber your shared photos together, and the constant primping overshadows quality time, you might want to reassess his priorities. There's nothing wrong with a partner who takes pride in their appearance—until it becomes excessive. Sure, it’s comforting to know that your man wants to look his best, especially when he’s with you. But if your romantic dinners are interrupted by his habitual mirror checks, it’s possible that he’s more into his reflection than the relationship. Balance is key, and vanity is not the spice that you want overflowing in the recipe of love.



Unreliable You should be able to say that you trust your partner completely. If you can't rely on him, then you'll never be able to ask him for a favor.



Rude If he's mean to waiters, your mother, or you, then you don't want him in your life. No one deserves such poor treatment.



Lazy Don't date a guy who is unemployed, but isn't even trying to find a job. How would you two ever pay the rent?



Sexual If he's overly sexual, then that means all he cares about is sex. He might be using you to get it.

You don't want to date anyone with an abundance of these qualities. You deserve better. Have you ever been involved with a bad boy?

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@mika , i totally agree with you on this one and I'm guilty for crushing over them ! It's hard to stop too 😖

@mika, like the saying goes...opposites attract. I think that's what happens to me

All true, Ok, I still feel attracted to them bad guys. There is something magnetic to them.   😙us women we are contradictory, aren't we?

I totally agree

Haha that impulsiveness kissing some other girl isn't impulsive more stupid like!

I thonk i spot a kpop group over here... but im kind of new to the fandom so im not in the know about everyone...

this is soo true 💯

Think my ex was everyone of these 👊🏼

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