7 Questions to Ask before Committing to a Relationship ...


Before committing to a relationship, you should ask yourself some important questions. Even though you may really like this guy, or even love him, try to answer as honestly as you can. Otherwise, you might be settling for the wrong guy. When you think about these questions before committing to a relationship with him, you will have a good idea of whether or not you are truly compatible with each other.

1. Authentic Self

Can you be your authentic self around him? Before committing to a relationship, honestly examine your behavior when you’re with your guy. Do you act differently around him than you do with your friends and family? If so, why is it difficult to show him your true self? If he is the right one for you, you should always feel comfortable sharing your inner thoughts and goals with your guy.

Just the Way He is


love this article! it just confirms what I already know ... that my bf and I are perfect for each other. he loves me, faults and all just as I love him... just the way he is!
Great article :). Very helpful.
very nice
I am literally in this predicament right now, thank you so much for writing this article...it has really helped!
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