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A new study performed by EliteSingles has revealed that in the future there will be quite a number of relationship trends that will surely surprise you. Nowadays relationships are changing; they are very different from the ones our grandparents or even our parents knew and they will continue to evolve in the future. The study I mentioned earlier has found that what once was considered to be “normal” for a relationship is no longer the case. This is pretty understandable; since our entire society is evolving, the way we see love is changing as well. Here are a few future relationship trends that may surprise you:

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People Will Cherish Independence More

One of the most surprising future relationship trends is precisely the fact that people will cherish their independence more. They will no longer want to live for someone else, they will do it for themselves instead. They will focus more on their individual goals and they will acknowledge more the importance of feeling free in every relationship.


People Will Be Pickier

Also in the future, people will be pickier when it comes to choosing their partners. They will work on improving the quality of their relationships more and they will look for someone with whom they can settle down, and they will not be so willing to overlook certain flaws as they do nowadays. They will try to improve themselves and they will work on correcting those small imperfections.


Couples Therapy Will Be the Norm

Apparently, couples are more willing now than ever to seek the help of a therapist or marriage counselor when they are facing relationship problems. People do realize that their interactions are very complex and they learn to accept and deal with their issues than just bail. Hopefully, in the future, therapy will lose its stigma and more people will enjoy the wonderful benefits of couples therapy.


Online Dating Will Become More Popular

I’m sure you can see why in the future online dating will become the norm. Technology is a big part of our lives and it’s so much easier to hide behind it than face your fears and try to meet new people in the old traditional way. It will also be more comfortable and you will be able to find out more about a person from their internet activity than from what they might tell you on your date.


Living Separately Will Be More Desirable

The study I mentioned in the beginning of this article actually found that in the future living separately will be more desirable. People will cherish their freedom more and approximately 60% of the respondents were all about living alone, their decision being motivated by their need for freedom, for independence and of course, by their refusal to share their beds.

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Being Single Will No Longer Have a Cliché Age

In the future being single will no longer have a cliché age, since a lot of people of all ages can become single at several points in their life. So, you can search for Mr. or Mrs. Right no matter how old you are, since there will be a lot of people who will be doing the same.


Monogamy Will Be All the Rage

Most of the people from that survey I mentioned still believe in “the one” and 85% of them want a life partner but only 45 % believe in having just one partner. Apparently, in the future, people will have a number of different, shorter-term partners and this opinion is wide spread among the women over 45 who participated in the study.

Relationships are changing and the way they might transform in the future can be a bit surprising. What do you think? Do you agree with the findings of that study? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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do what works for you. who says you have to follow the "new" relationship trend?

I pray this is not true for our future

Since feminism has positive effects for women, e.g. economic independance, relationships are different than they used to be. I think it is a logical development and I am so glad I am single and I do not need anybody. In the Netherlands 33% of married couples will divorce. So being pickier seems natural to me...

everytime after update the Texs is cut pls fix it

basically it is saying singles rule in the future!!

Selfish selfish selfish

it sounds all reasonable and it makes sense. it's just people seem so cold about relationships in the future

It's important to remember this is just someone's opinion, and trying to predict the future based on a few trends. I agree with the person that said "Do what works for you".

i think good idea

I disagree

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