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There is no specific solution that will end all of your pain but there are particular steps to falling out of love that may help you get over your heartbreak. Even if you were the one to end things, chances are that you may still care for your ex and it will take time and work for that to go away. Don’t count on all of your frustrations to be over in a matter of days because if the relationship really meant something to you, falling out of love will be a gradual process. So here are steps to falling out of love that might help you out.

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Realize Why It Didn’t Work

One of the first steps to falling out of love and putting a complete end to a relationship is realizing why things didn’t work out. Reflect on your relationship, on all of the good and the bad. When you are done, make a list of all the reasons why your relationship didn’t work out and when you find yourself missing your ex the most, read over the list and be conscious of each point written down.


Allow Yourself to Be Sad

Admittedly, falling out of love is sad and depressing, so it is natural to feel down. Instead of trying to pretend you are okay and unaffected by the end of the relationship, let your feelings out. Be sad! Talk it out with friends! Or have some alone time! Do whatever you need to do to process the feelings of loss, but of course don’t let this period drag on for too long.


Cut off All Communication

The only way to end things for good without going back is to cut off all communication. I know you might have the urge to contact them, but no matter what, refrain from going back. It’s not healthy and it just makes things a lot more complicated. Don’t look back and start fresh.


Focus on Yourself

This might be the best time to focus on yourself. Use all of the extra time to do things that you enjoy the most. Form new goals and achieve self-growth that we all strive for. Use this as an opportunity to be selfish and independent for a while, as opposed to taking caring of two people at once.


Accept That It Wasn’t Meant to Be

The key to falling out of love and letting old relationships go is realizing that it just wasn’t meant to be. You have to understand that both of you weren’t happy in the relationship and no matter how things started out, it is not the same anymore.

Famous Quotes

Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.

Bruce Lee

Meet New People

This is not the end for you and there is a definite possibility that your true love still awaits you. Get out there and meet new people. It can be refreshing to know that there are so many interesting people out there that you can get to know. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and make new friends.


Date Again

When you are ready and you will know when you are, you should start dating again and who knows, maybe you will fall in love once again. Entering the dating scene willingly is an indication that you have left the ex-loved one behind and are officially on the road to moving on!

Falling out of love is complicated and tricky, but it’s a process that you should figure out on your own. These steps just serve as a guide but the rest is all up to you. How do/did you deal with falling out of love?

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I'm going through this right now both with my ex gf of 2 years and a girl I was talking to for 2 months shortly after the ex and I broke up... Oddly enough I'm having more trouble getting over the girl I was talking to after the ex and I broke up than my ex of 2 years... I think it's because I really didn't do anything wrong, but minor little arguments that every couple has...

It is so hard to do, as I'm going through it now. I'm focussing on how much better my life will be when it's all over. Just keep hanging on in there!!

i told myself i would never feel like this again but here i am. hoping for a quick emotional recovery.

its sure easy to say , hard to do

step number 1 - don't read this article step number 2 - listen to the song in and out of love by armin ahahhaha

It's very hard to deal with! True, easier said then done. being alone is scary and frightening! No communication is the worst part!!

Hey everyone

This is just a major coincidence the fact that this is also happening to me literally this weekend. Not only that, looks like to two other Melissa's or Malisa's are as well. Weird. But wow!

I'm going through this right now and it's so hard:(

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