Quick and Easy Communication Tips for You and Your Partner ...


Looking for some quick and easy ways to communicate with your partner to strengthen your relationship?

Yes, I am talking about the illicit thrill of spontaneous down and dirty sex.
Your man appreciates it when you make him a nice dinner, give him a card, and praise him.

However, what he really wants is for you to give him a look, to get him to a private place, and to drop your pants.

Men need to feel like they are desired and when you initiate sex it tells him that he is wanted.

Plus, it takes the pressure off of him to always be the initiator, adding spice to your sex life.

There are also other opportunities for "quickie" methods of communication that will increase your relationship satisfaction and ensure that you can connect in and out of the bedroom, (or in the closet) if that is your preference. Here are some quick and easy ways to communicate with your partner to strengthen your relationship.

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A Quick Gesture

In the middle of our hectic days with our never-ending to-do lists, it is easy to forget to show our partner how much we care.

One fun idea to come up with a gesture, such as a wink, or another subtle signal, that lets your partner know that he is special to you no matter how many people are around or how crazy that particular moment is.

This gesture will convey the message that you still SEE each other and appreciate the relationship you have and is one of the best quick and easy ways to communicate with your partner to strengthen your relationship.


A Quick Check in

Sometimes you can lose touch with your partner because each of you are thinking about your own needs and desires. A beneficial way to avoid this is to schedule a weekly time when you can talk about what is coming up in your life and in your partner's life.

This helps to ensure that you are there to support him for the big and little things he is experiencing.

It will help you and your partner to feel like you can count on each other and that each of you really care about the things that are important to the other.


A Quick Embrace

Too often the day's struggles will determine how you feel in the evenings.

At times when you or your partner returns from work, it's easy to forget to show your partner that you are glad to see him.

One quick way to keep the romance alive is to just simply stop what you are are doing and to give him a hug or kiss. This small thing can set the tone for the rest of the night. Remembering to give your partner an embrace is also helpful when you are stressed, sad, or tired. This show of affection can help you feel a little bit better right away.


A Quick Explanation

Communication is key in any relationship. Unfortunately, it is very easy to misinterpret what your partner is saying or doing.
This miscommunication can lead to hurt feelings and cold silence.

One misread comment can spiral into a week of resentment, anger, and sadness. It is important to be open enough to explain to your partner how you feel about what they have said or done.

This vulnerability allows him the chance to explain his side and to clear up any confusion. Honest communication allows us to connect on a deeper level. This closeness cannot be achieved if you are holding a grudge while keeping silent and your partner doesn't even know what he did wrong. No one has a degree in mind reading!

I hope all of these quick tips will help you to connect with your partner on a daily basis and that they lead to many fabulous "quickies" in and out of the bedroom.

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