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5 Exceptional Tips for Loving Someone with Anxiety ...

By Marie

Having some tips for loving someone who has anxiety is a good thing. Anxiety is hard on relationships and can morph someone’s mind into believing that something is wrong when it is nothing but right. Loving someone with anxiety comes with its own rules and I have laid out 7 tips for loving someone who has anxiety.

1 Support is Critical

Anxiety brings fear and pain, and we just need your support. You are not there to fix us- we know that, but supporting us is a great way to help our anxieties ease. Listening and caring about our needs show us that you are there for the long haul. This is one of the top tips for loving someone who has anxiety.

2 Assurance is Necessary

Assurance of your love may seem silly to you, but to us who imagine the worst of the worst happening at all times, we will need you to confirm that your love is true and that you see us in your future. Love is scary enough when you don’t have terrible thoughts running through your mind.

3 Don’t Dismiss It

Dismissing our concerns will only make us mad and the situation worse. Listening and acknowledging these factors is the only thing we ask. If you dismiss our anxiety we will only feel worse and smaller than we already do when anxiety overtakes our minds.

4 Patience is Nothing but Appreciated

We get it - we can be irrational. We don’t try to operate this way, it is something that is inside us and your patience and support is thought of in the highest of regards. You and your patience through all of this is never taken for granted.

5 Change Can Be a Trigger

Starting a new job, new school year, new friends, or moving somewhere new? This can be an instant trigger to start thinking of ways in which your relationship might disintegrate. It is necessary, in these moments that seem ordinary to you, to reassure her that you are there for them, love them, and are excited to start this new venture together. Seeing events through their eyes is helpful to help alleviate some of the anxiety.

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