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Expectations to Set when Using Online Dating Sites ...

By Sici

There are certainly some expectations to set for when using online dating sites. Let’s be honest, in 2018 you are more likely to find a long-term partner through online methods than the old-fashioned way. Your parents might have met in the park, or in a bar, or at a dance, but the prominence of dating sites and apps is so large in the 21st century that if you can’t beat them, you might as well join them! Although I do recommend embracing online dating to the fullest extent, I also think that it is sensible to set a few expectations for what kind of success you hope to have, especially in the early stages of exploring the possibilities. Don’t go straight in expecting to find Prince Charming with your very first swipe, that’s all I’m saying! To help you out, here are some sensible expectations to set for when using online dating sites.

1 Expect the Unexpected

Anything can happen in the world of online dating. The more open-minded you stay, the better you will fare. I’m not saying be cool with a guy turning up to a date dressed as a clown, just perhaps be open to interacting with people who don’t automatically fit into your usual ‘type’ categories. This is one of the most important expectations to set for when using online dating sites.

2 Don’t Focus on the Superficial

Though online dating is all about the aesthetic on an initial basis, try not to get too obsessed with only concentrating on the best looking people on each app and site. Experience shows the best looking profile pictures are hardly ever accurate! A good tip is to always pay the most attention to people with totally normal looking photos instead of the modelesque headshots that look like they might have been professionally taken!

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3 Be Honest

There is absolutely no point in going into a period of online dating with the intention of lying about yourself because if you suddenly make a real connection with somebody, you will have started out your relationship on a whole base of lies. It works both ways: your expectation for a prospective partner is for them to be totally honest with you, therefore you need to be mindful of returning the same courtesy. The internet can be a breeding ground for untruths and exaggerations, so make sure that you don’t willingly add to it.

4 Give It Time

You should not be expecting to find true love overnight. It might be the case that you go through five, six, seven, twenty dates without striking up a real love match, but the phrase ‘plenty more fish in the sea’ has never been so apt as it is with online dating. It’s a small, contained barrel, so you just need to give things time and not expect your soul mate to come popping up on your screen after only a matter of weeks testing the waters. Equally, don’t rush into a partnership that you think is perfect too quickly, because as we have already discussed, not everyone is who they make themselves out to be online!

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