7 Reasons Why 🤔 Men Don't ❌ Call Women Back 📱 for Girls in the Dark 🌚 ...


There are so many reasons men don’t call women back. Men are more simple-minded than women. They don’t spend hours obsessing over everything they do. If they like you, trust me, you’ll know it. If they’re into you, they’ll want to see you again. If they aren’t into you, you won’t be getting a call back. Here are 7 reasons why men don’t call women back.

1. No Chemistry

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Chemistry isn’t something that can be explained. A man can think a woman is beautiful, well-dressed, and very sweet, but for some reason he just doesn’t feel a connection with her. Chemistry is one of the main reasons why men don’t call women back.



Sorin Ionuț Sbârnea
Some applies for both. The gay thing is fun, but could be included in the first one: no chemistry.
@Serene totally agree!!! Great list :) I can summarise it in one sentence: he's not interested!!
olivia kalingga
Carly forgot: He's gay... 😒
It all boils down to: HE IS REALLY NOT THAT INTO YOU
Right on!
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