7 Reasons Why a Couple's Trip to Disney Will Help You Get Closer ...


A couple’s trip to Disney is meant to be fun, but it can teach you a lot about the person you’re with. Vacations entail planning and patience. You’ll be spending a large amount of time together and will get to see your partner’s good and bad sides. On your couple’s trip to Disney, you just might find out something new about your man.

1. Learn to Cooperate

Even though vacations are meant to be fun, you’ll have to plan your day if you want to get everything you want done. You’ll get to see if your man has trouble waking up early or sticking to the plan you’ve set up. If you want him to take charge, you’ll get to see how well he gives orders and if he thinks things through. On a couple’s trip to Disney, you’ll learn how each other function. If you’re able to work things out without getting too stressed, it’s a good sign for your relationship.

Temporary Roommates


I just got engaged ( last week) at Walt Disney world during the magic kingdom fire works <3 Disney had been one of my favorite places in the world and it still is but even more so now!!
Heather Jensen
I think that is a great idea! Will do! :)
Collyn Wright
Babe and I took a trip to Disney in February, our first big vacation.. This was sooo true, on so many levels! :)
This is perfect. Me and the boyfriend have our tickets bought and hotels booked for our Orlando vacation in September!
Star Williams
Could you guys do one on how to get a guy to like you if your on the chunkier side?😃
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