7 Reasons Why Being Desperate to Find Love Won't Work ...


7 Reasons Why Being Desperate to Find Love Won't Work ...
7 Reasons Why Being Desperate to Find Love Won't Work ...

Being desperate to find love can actually reduce the possibility of succeeding. It's an unfortunate paradox that when you want to find love so badly, it becomes even more elusive. Yet you could actually be damaging your own chances of finding romance. Here are some of the reasons why being desperate to find love won't work …

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It's Obvious

There's nothing more obvious than a lonely heart desperate to find love. They practically smell of desperation, as they size up everyone they meet as a potential partner. It's just not attractive and will have the opposite effect from what the person wants. People want to feel that you are interested in them as an individual, not that anyone will do as a partner.


The Wrong Type

Being too keen to find a partner often leads to falling for the wrong type. You might be interested in a relationship, and kid yourself that your love interest feels the same way. Instead, your rush to find love means you fall for guys that are not interested in anything other than getting you into bed.


This haste often blinds you to the warning signs and red flags that normally would caution you against certain individuals. It's important to take a step back and reflect on your needs and values, ensuring that they align with the person you're pursuing. Remember, a partnership built on a shaky foundation of desperation rather than mutual respect and affection is likely to crumble. Ensure that you are valued for who you are, not just what you offer. It's better to be single and open to the right person than in a relationship that's wrong for you.


Not Looking Works

How often have you heard it said that you find love when you are not looking for it? I can certainly think of several friends who've met someone when they least expected to do so. Of course, a proactive attitude can also work, but don't fret that you'll always be single. A great partner may turn up in the most unlikely place, so relax and see what happens.


Repeat Mistakes

Being desperate to find a partner can mean that you don't learn from previous mistakes you've made in your relationships. When a relationship fails, you need to take time to reflect on what went wrong, and recover from the upset it causes. Don't rush to find another partner, and make the same mistakes you did before.



Before you get into a relationship, you really do need to be capable of being happy on your own. Insecurity can often lead you to be afraid of being single, and therefore be too eager to find a partner. Relax - there's nothing wrong with being single and you can cope just fine! It's far better to wait for a good partner than rush to be with the wrong one.


Negative Impression

If you're too keen to find a partner, your enthusiasm can actually be off-putting. Not only should you want to find a good person to be with, you should also show that you have something to offer. Too much eagerness can give a rather negative impression that will deter people who might otherwise be interested in you. You might even seem a bit stalker-ish.


In a Hurry

Do you feel that time is running out? That you've been single forever? Unfortunately, being in a hurry to find someone to love you can be the very thing that leads you to make mistakes. There really should be no need to rush. The right person is worth waiting for.

However much you want to find a partner - and we all want to be loved - try not to make it too obvious. Show that you are open to having a relationship, but don't be excessively keen. You deserve to be with the right person, so don't settle for the wrong one because you're tired of being single. Have you ever been in a relationship with a desperate person, or been that person yourself?

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Really needed to see this

This is so true. For a while I was desperate to find love. I still haven\'t found it yet, but I know that because I have stopped looking that my life has been 10 times better, even if I\'m single.

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