7 Reasons Why Chocolate is Better than a Man ...


There are so many things that are better than a man who's broken your heart, multitudes really, but let’s take a closer look at why chocolate is better than a man. Some men are so-so, and some can be great, but in most cases, chocolate is better. Chocolate is one of the only foods almost all women agree on. I would even go so far to say as chocolate is the most loved food out there. I’m sure you’ve already thought of a few reasons, but let me tell you 7 reasons why chocolate is better than a man, especially your ex-boyfriend.

1. Chocolate Won’t Reject You

My first reason as to why chocolate is better than a man is that chocolate won’t reject you. Let’s face it: some men can be jerks. Some men will do anything to get out of a relationship and can be pretty ruthless about it in the process. I know from experience that rejection isn't fun; in fact my last man rejected me after only a few dates. Though men may reject you, I can guarantee that chocolate never will!

Chocolate Will Never Forget to Call You Back


Lol that's so true chocolate will never insult u
@Spicee I was thinking the same. I love chocolate, but I would never change my boyfriend for it . Hehe
Mary Nguyen
Omg 😂😂😂😭
Cattlynn Johnson
😂lol so true
Unpopular opinion, but I think chocolate is nowhere near as great as a good man.
Інна Коритан
Wow!💋💋💋🙏🙏🎀so true! Yesterday I enjoyed a new box of chocolate and it's true that chocolate is always there for you!! Chocolate I love you, you are definitely better than men.😁❤❤
Isabella Coles
This should be in the funny section? Fun post anyhow 😅
Sophiyah Aman
Seem to hate men
Sophiyah Aman
U alright?
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