7 Benefits of Being in a Relationship with an Older Man ...


7 Benefits of Being in a Relationship with an Older Man ...
7 Benefits of Being in a Relationship with an Older Man ...

How is it to be in a relationship with an older man? Ask me. I am married to one. Mr. Ruffolo is 29 years my senior. That means he was already building his career while my mother was checking in the delivery room to welcome my arrival. Some people may view him as a "cradle robber," while others think I'm a "gold digger." These monikers are the subjects of laughter in our home and trust me, we've been scrutinized, interrogated and battered with questions in public. Often times, the inquiries are directed to me and involve the demand for an answer to the question, "Why are you in a relationship with an older man?" Here are my answers.

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You Now Have a Personal Storyteller

Being in a relationship with an older man means that you now have a personal storyteller who keeps life more interesting. He tells you about the events that happened in his life, the lessons he learned and the people he met. Mr. Ruffolo worked in several Olympic games prior to ending up in China, where we our paths eventually crossed and we became Mr. and Mrs. Ruffolo. But while you think that he has wisdom and knowledge beyond what you can ever imagine, an older guy pauses and takes time to listen to what you have to say. He is a lifelong learner and won’t miss a word that the love of his life utters. Yes, that’s you.


Being in a relationship with an older man can bring many benefits. Not only do you have a personal storyteller, but you also have a life mentor. An older man can offer advice and guidance on life, career, and relationships. He can be a trusted confidant and provide a calming presence in times of stress.

Additionally, an older man can bring stability and security to a relationship. He is likely to have a more established career and financial situation, which can provide a sense of security for both partners. He is also likely to be more experienced in relationships and better able to handle the ups and downs of a long-term relationship.

An older man may also be more open to trying new things and experimenting in the bedroom. He is likely to have more experience and be less inhibited than a younger partner, making for an exciting and pleasurable experience.

Finally, an older man can provide a sense of safety and security. He is likely to be more mature and better able to handle disagreements and conflicts. He is also likely to be more understanding and patient, making it easier to have meaningful conversations and work through issues.


You Don’t Need to do the Half-Half

And I mean to center this point on dining in restaurants. When dating an older guy, you don’t have to think about splitting the bill. Ladies, hide those calculators before you start dividing the total amount in two. An older guy is a complete gentleman, who exemplifies the line "chivalry isn't dead." Mr. Ruffolo would always tell me that an older guy appreciates life more as he moves forward in the age chart. That includes knowing that no woman should ever pay for a dinner date...he's old-school, in other words. And I like that.


You Are Rewarded with a Great Lover!

What happens in the bedroom is the subject of another post but trust me, a relationship with an older man is about confidence. Insecurities are gone and in its place are everyday gestures of love and attraction. I got my first love letter on the 10th day he started courting me. I still get them now – ten pounds and two children later. An older guy cooks for you, takes you out for dinner, makes you feel like you are the queen of the world.


I Love You is Expressed in so Many Forms

When you are in a relationship with an older man, be prepared to be placed on a pedestal. You will be told how wonderful you are, how the world revolves around you, how you make him so happy. He sends you random text messages. He will even deliver flowers to your office with a cute card saying, "Ready to pick you up at five." It’s an overflowing display of love and care. Piece of advice though: don’t become a spoiled wife or girlfriend! He won’t like it, and you won't either.


You Are the Perfect Second Shot to Life

Your man has definitely gone through several relationships and if he is genuine person with a kind heart and brains to match, chances are he knows already why those past relationships failed. He knows what situations to avoid and warns you about it. The word "argument" is non-existent in his vocabulary. Instead, he uses the word "discussion." There is no "debate" but a "dialogue." Out of nowhere, he touches your arm or hugs you from the back and whispers, "I love you." Mr. Ruffolo often tells me that he believes in second chances because he found me.


Financial Discussion Gets Betters with Him

When we were starting with our relationship, Mr. Ruffolo told me that his past relationship ended with huge credit card bills. He went on to discussing the importance of financial stability. That was very important to me. I am very conscious about my financial standing. I save, give and spend and I try hard to strike a balance among the three. Being in a relationship with an older guy gives you the platform to discuss financial matters thoroughly.Not to say a man your own age can't be responsible, but I've found older men tend to be a little more.


You Become a Better Person Because You're with Him

I can never imagine myself being with a man other than Mr. Ruffolo. I wake up every day feeling groggy from staying up all night taking care of our fraternal twins. But I wake up happy and at peace knowing that I am with a man who supports me. Case in point? When everything in the nursery gets crazy and I don’t have time to cook, Mr. Ruffolo – with his Italian roots coming in handy – prepares the best home cooked pasta with giant meatballs. What excuse do I have not to become a better person?

A relationship with an older guy comes with several negative reactions and hurtful comments from people. Be ready for their prejudices. Be prepared to be called names. But as long as you know in your heart that it’s love that you feel and not anything else, go ahead! You deserve it. Never mind those harsh judgments. They don’t know what stuff you are made of. Any thoughts about being in a relationship with an older guy?

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They cheat, they don’t think they should stay with one woman cause they know they can trade down for a younger model. They often have kids so it’s weird for both family sides. They expect to dominate. They act like owners and know it alls...This isn’t good

Totally agree with this article. I'm married to a wonderful man who is 7 years senior (May not be much compared to 20-22 yrs) but he is absolutely everything that's written here. ☺️

I finally found a man who is 13 years older than me. I be with him when am 18.

A relative of mine got married to a man a lot older than her, and they don't get along, they are separating. He is very strict and she always complains how he never shows her love, and he is always critizicing her and talking shamelessly about his past girlfriends :/

My boyfriend is 10 years my senior and everything you've written here is true. He treats me like a princess and I feel so lucky to have him :)

And then life is so harsh! An older woman cant date someone 22 years younger :(

My boyfriend is 16 years my senior and everything listed can be applied to him, whether it's due to the age gap or just who he is as a person. I had some doubts entering into this relationship but knowing him now, I wouldn't change a thing. Negativity from others sucks, but at the end if the day I have a relationship that satisfies me and leaves the haters jealous :-)

Unfortunately seen a lot that start to crumble when the man reaches old age long before the wife. He slows down but she is still raving to go. That's the danger.

I'm in a happy relationship with a man 18 years my senior. It's hard because he has a son that's three years younger than me and I'm fairly young, but what I've found with my own personal Mr. Ruffolo is he has common sense which isn't very common with men my age. And I trust him because he has lived and is ready to settle down and wouldn't jeopardize our relationship. Older guys rule.

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