7 Ways to Make Your Relationship Strong when Your Partner Works Away from Home ...


7 Ways to Make Your Relationship Strong when Your Partner Works Away from Home ...
7 Ways to Make Your Relationship Strong when Your Partner Works Away from Home ...

When your partner works away from home it can be a challenge to keep your relationship strong, but it can be done. These are 7 things that you can do to keep your relationship strong. You can learn to use the long distance to the advantage of your relationship. It can even add to the romance when your partner works away from home.

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Talk Often

It is important to make sure that you still communicate often when your partner works away from home. Make it a priority to talk to each other every day and several times a day if you can. It can be good to have rituals in talking, such as a good night or good morning phone call. It gives you something to look forward to when you have those. Having a set time you know that you will get to talk to one another can be a nice thing because you can discuss things you need to talk about, too.


Utilizing technology can enhance communication significantly. Video calls, for instance, can make conversations more personal and intimate compared to text or voice messages. It allows for face-to-face interaction, which helps maintain the emotional bond. Be creative with how you communicate. Share pictures or short videos of your day, send surprise voice notes, or play online games together. These practices help maintain a sense of closeness and intimacy, making the physical distance more bearable. Remember, it's not just about the frequency of communication, but also the quality of the connections you create.


Make Use of Technology

There are so many wonderful ways to use technology for the benefit of your relationship, too. You can email or talk over instant messenger. You can send each other pictures. Technology is a wonderful way to stay connected. It keeps you close.


Technology is an invaluable tool for couples who are in a long-distance relationship. Not only can it help keep you connected, but it can also help you stay in touch with your partner in ways that weren’t possible before.

Video chat is a great way to stay connected. You can have a face-to-face conversation with your partner, no matter the distance. Video chat also allows you to share moments and experiences with your partner that might otherwise be lost.

Instant messaging is another great way to stay connected. You can have real-time conversations with your partner, and the messages can be saved for later. You can also send pictures and videos to one another, and even share links to articles or websites that you think your partner might find interesting.

Social media is another great way to stay connected. You can follow each other on social media, and post updates about your lives. You can also use social media to share special moments, like birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones.


Discuss Big Issues

Sometimes when there is distance between you because your partner works away from home, it can be hard to find time to talk about everything that you need to talk about. But you still need to make sure that you are discussing things that involve you as a couple. If you have trouble remembering all the things you wanted to talk about the next time you talk, make a list. It may sound funny but it can help you keep from forgetting the things you need to talk about.


Make Dates for when They Are Home

You need to make the most of the time when you are together. Make plans for when your partner will be home. Plan dates for the two of you. It gives you something to look forward to while they are away. It also makes your time together that much more special because it is highly anticipated.


Get Excited for Your Time Together

Look forward to your time together. Anticipate it together. Talk about it and all of the plans that you have. This can include dates but maybe also just time you are going to spend hanging out and doing nothing. Maybe you can count the days down together.


Enjoy Your Time Apart

I know, I know, it is hard to enjoy your time apart when you want to be together. But realize that your time apart is a time you can use to focus on things you want to do individually. Maybe you can get together with your girlfriends for lunch or an evening out. You can focus on going to the gym regularly or take a class you have always wanted to take. It also helps the time go by faster when you are busy.


Realize in Some Ways You Have the Best of Both Worlds

Sometimes it is good to make sure that you have the right frame of mind about your partner working away. Yes, you miss them and you would love to be together more. But in a lot of people’s point of view, you have the best of both worlds. It can be good if you can get to where you view it that way, too. You have this exciting, romantic time together when your partner is home and time to focus on yourself and your relationship from afar when they are away. There is some truth to the old saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

You can use these 7 ways to make your relationship strong to make your relationship the best it can be. Have you been in this situation, with a partner that worked away? How did you make it work?

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You should firstly talk to your partner about how you it e feeling. He nyight feel the same. If he doesn’t it’s ok. But talk to him about if is it make a you in feel( not blaming. Then decide if each time he comes home could you have a date night or time together. It’s hard though I’m guilty of being with my partner and worrying about the next time he goes away but try to focus on the now.

This reminds me of me since my boyfriend works faraway so I don't get to see him often but the times that I do see him I'm always excited. We usually plan something to do when I get to see him. :)

What should i do?

My bf works away and I'm not handling it well. He works 10 and 4 but somtimes more and when he comes home it's all his kids 24.7 never us. I have a kid too so together were 5 ppl but it's hard cause I just want to feel special in one moment without kids because I have my kid full time ans can get a sitter he only gets his kids on his little glimpse home. I love our kids together but we never have time to ourselves. I feel selfish and terrible but I don't know what to do. Maybe I am not cut out for this. It's been 2 years of struggle and I feel like I'm loosing myself. It's probably just me. But it's hard

My husband works out of town and I have definitely gotten to know myself better and I'm happy with my own company. We talk everyday and look forward to the weekends. We make sure that we have quality of time even though we don't have quantity.

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