4 Reasons Why You Deserve a Better Relationship ...


4 Reasons Why  You Deserve a Better Relationship ...
4 Reasons Why  You Deserve a Better Relationship ...

For a lot of women, being in a relationship is one of the most important things in their lives. When you are part of a loving, respectful couple, having that kind of togetherness and security can be the best thing in the world, but there is a negative, potentially harmful side to craving a relationship so much. Sometimes, people can get so blinded by the very fact of having someone to call their boyfriend, that they don’t realise they are in a situation that isn’t ideal, or maybe even toxic. Here are four reasons why you deserve a better relationship.

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You Are Giving Too Much

A healthy relationship is one in which both parties do their fair share of giving and taking, and it is when the giving starts to eclipse the taking on your side that you know there is a problem. Being someone’s partner shouldn’t be an exhausting experience. It should be one that rewards as much as it requires. If you have gotten into the cycle of doing all the work to keep things together, and receiving no support and love in return, then why are you even still there? You deserve much better.


You Are Too Hard on Yourself

If you are constantly battling with should have thoughts like “I should have been more understanding”, I should have done more to help” and “I shouldn’t have gotten so upset yesterday”, then you are just being too hard on yourself. The problems in a relationship are not always the fault of one single person, so you should not take that burden on yourself and assign all of the blame in your court. Being too hard on yourself with regards to your relationship can turn into being too hard on yourself in all areas of life, and that is not a risk worth taking.


You Cry Too Much

Crying can very often be a therapeutic and cathartic experience, but if your tears are always a result of confrontation with your partner, then that is a different situation altogether. Your partner’s aim in the relationship should be to make you happy, not make you guilty or upset. If this is the regular cycle of activity that unfolds, then you deserve to leave and in the future experience an environment of love, not aggravation.


You Are Living Someone else’s Life

You have recently realised that everything you do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis is because your partner wants to do it, not you. Without even noticing it, you have started to live the life of someone else, rather than living the life that you actually want to live. Time to break free!

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