Why You Shouldn't Worry about Having a "Type" ...

By Sici

Why  You Shouldn't Worry about Having a "Type" ...

Have you ever been accused by your friends of always going for and ending up with the same kind of guy? And have you ever noticed that when they say it, it always feels like it is tinged with criticism. At the end of the day, there isn’t much you can do about your heart and what it wants and the kind of personality or aesthetic that gets you going! Here are a few good reasons why you shouldn't worry about having a type.

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1 Not Superficial

I don’t get the people who call having a type superficial because the natural attraction that you feel for people is the complete opposite of that; it’s something that you can’t control! You aren’t deliberately filtering guys out because they don’t fit your ideal: you are just noticing the ones that automatically do because that is simply what catches your eye!

2 Dating is Easier

Having a certain type makes dating much easier because it automatically narrows down the pool of potential love interests, especially when you are experimenting with an app and have hundreds if not thousands of profiles to swipe through! In fact, on things like Tinder, have a type is really the only way to do things, because it is based primarily on physical attraction.

3 Unavoidable

You can try to fight against it as much as you want, but the scientific fact is, that being attracted to what you like, is unavoidable! It’s not your fault if your heart beats only for brunettes or only for blondes, it is just as much a part of your genetic make up as your own eye colour or sexuality!

4 Strong Values

Sticking to one type of look or one type of personality just means that you have a strong sense of what you are looking for, which translates in to strong romantic values. Some might call it stubbornness, but I prefer to call it confidence and assuredness!

5 You Know What You Want

There is absolutely nothing wrong with knowing what you want. You wouldn’t be judged for aiming towards a specific career, so why should you be judged for aiming towards a specific kind of partner? Some people like variation, and some people like one single thing. If we all had the same opinions, dating would be a very boring thing indeed!

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