Reasons Why Guys Pull Away for Girls Trying to Understand His Distance ...

Even after viewing this video, I am still lost. Not knowing what I did wrong. Not knowing what I still do wrong.

Do you wonder why he did not want you for your 110%?

Watch this video to see if you can understand reasons why guys pull away ...

Out of the 4 reasons Dr. Antonio Borrello gave, what "kind-of" made sense? I think "having no life" made the most sense.

I was at a prestigious university and away from my sweetheart. I come from a poor family and wanted to better myself by graduating and taking care of my family. I was working 2 part-time jobs and carrying a full load. Out of the clear blue, my sweetheart called me up at work and said I was too far away from him. I left my dream university because of him. I did not want to lose him.

The scenario gets better...

He ended up cheating on me.

So, yes, I had had a life and left that dream life for him... So I guess in reality, I had no life. Make sense?

I have not had a man in years. I have trust issues with darn good reason. I am not settling for anything but the best for me... Just like Dr. Antonio Borrello says, for any worthy person to do.

Good luck.

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