7 Reasons You Always Fall for the Wrong Guy ...


Do you always seem to fall for the wrong guy? It can be very frustrating when it seems like you do. However, you do not have to be doomed to a lifetime of loneliness or a trail of bad relationships. Sift through this list of 7 reasons you may fall for the wrong guy and see which apply to you. Once you know the problem, you can begin to fix it.

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You Haven’t Thought about What You Really Want in a Guy

It is good to think about what you really want in a guy. Have you taken time to consider this? If you aren’t being thoughtful in selecting people to date, you may fall for the wrong guy. Think about what values you want in a guy. You have to be a bit logical and analytical in addition to following your heart.


You Are Only Going by Chemistry

Attraction is very important in a relationship. You need attraction and chemistry, but it should not be the only thing you consider. And I will let you in on a little secret. Once you develop feelings for someone, your chemistry begins to follow your feelings, rather than the other way around.


You Don’t Pay Attention to How He Treats Others

If you are not being observant of your guy, you are making a big mistake. You can tell a lot about a guy by how he treats others. Is he good to his mom? Does he respect his dad? How about how he treats service people? These observations about him can reveal a lot to you about his true personality.


You Think You Can Tame Him

Ladies, this is such a mistake. If you are interested in a man that needs to be tamed, the best thing you can do is run and run hard. This rarely ever happens. What usually ends up happening is you end up heartbroken. Most of the time, bad boys equal bad problems.


You Don’t Have High Enough Standards

You may be falling for the wrong guys because you don’t have high enough standards. The important thing here is to know your worth. Know that you are a worthwhile person with a lot to offer who deserves to be treated well. When you realize that, your standards will become a lot higher. Then you will see a change in your dating choices.


You Have Low Self-Esteem

You know, self-esteem can really be a problem for us. It makes us think less of ourselves as people and it makes us feel unworthy of a good guy. The problem here is us and our misconception of reality. While we all have areas we can work on within ourselves, there is no reason not to realize we are each special, unique women. Tell yourself you deserve someone who values you and you will soon find yourself believing it.


You Let Others Have Too Much Influence in Whom You Date

Sometimes, you can let others have too much influence in whom you choose to date. It is good to be open to advice. It is a wonderful thing to seek the opinion of someone you deeply value and trust. But you need to be the one who is making the decisions. You need to be the one choosing your prospective dates.

These are 7 reasons you may be falling for the wrong guy. It is my hope that this helps you to break this negative cycle and find happiness in your dating life. Do you see any of these mistakes in your past dating choices?

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this is me

I love number 2! so true

It's so hard I always fall for the bad boy

I'm so glad I came across this today 👍

totally needed this today at this very minute

I totally agree

Time to raise the standards!

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