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7 Things That Make You Hate Being Single ...

By Vladlena

You are probably completely content with being a strong and independent woman, but I am sure there are certain things that make you hate being single. Sometimes through observations of happy couples in love, it gets hard to keep saying, “I am okay with being alone,” because deep down inside, no matter how comfortable you are with your unattached status, we all long for that significant other who will take our breath away. Plus there are certain things that make it even worse, certain things that make you hate being single.

1 Friends Who Are in Relationships

You suddenly begin to become aware of just how lonely it is to be single, when every one of your friends is in a relationship. They all go on dates and receive cute text messages, while you have nobody to make you feel special. It is a lot more fun to lead the ‘single and ready to mingle’ lifestyle when your friends are in the same situation. No matter how happy you are for your girl friends, friends in relationships are some of the tops things that make you hate being single.

2 Prom

Prom is the day when you have an excuse to wear a gown that you will probably never wear again, and one of the first times you will be accompanied by a date to a dance. It is also the time when guys do cute promposals for girls and everyone ends up in pairs, but of course all the single ladies get left out. We get no surprise promposals, no corsages, and no dates. While we don’t make a big deal out of it, it sucks not having someone with you through the night.

3 Valentine’s Day

While Valentine’s Day is a holiday that celebrates love of different sorts, nothing compares to having a real Valentine to spoil you with flowers and chocolates. This is why this holiday is also known as Single Awareness Day. All the single ladies will be stuck at home watching The Notebook and eating ice cream.

4 Third Wheeling

Nothing is more awkward than having to spend the day with a couple as a third wheel. While they can’t get enough of each other, you are stuck staring into space thinking of how you can get out of this situation. Plus it doesn’t help when the couple is actually cute and you begin to envy their blossoming relationship.

5 Being Reminded by People That You Are Single

People really know how to push your buttons when they point out just how long you have been single. You would think that they would stop there but they go on with motivational speeches by saying, “You’ll find someone eventually,” or “I don’t get how you are single, you’re a catch!” However, they don’t realize that those things just make things a million times worse.

6 Events with plus One Expectation

Getting invitations to events with a plus one just serves as a reminder that you have no ‘plus one.’ While everyone will be bringing his or her significant other, you will be flying solo… once again. Just when you think you are enjoying you single life, invitations like this just pop out!

7 Friends Going on Double Dates

If you have had your friends go on double or triple dates without you, you know just how crappy that situation is. Not only do you begin to feel bad about yourself for not being in a relationship but you also have no friends to help you get your mind off the unfortunate turn of events.

Being single makes you feel carefree and unrestricted; it can be quite liberating and refreshing to know that you are not tied down. However, there are some side effects to your freedom that become more apparent in certain situations. What are some things that you hate about being single?

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