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When you really love someone, it's hard to let them go, which is why it's important to read reassuring quotes for the end of a relationship. You may be in pain now, but you're going to be happier in the long run without someone negative in your life. It's much healthier to remove yourself from a bad relationship than to continue it out of convenience or love. Here are the most comforting quotes for the end of a relationship that should help ease your pain:

1. Less Pain with Leaving

Less Pain with Leaving

You don't always have to fight to save your relationship. Sometimes it's best to end it instead of continuing unhealthy patterns. You don't want him to hurt you more than he already has. This is one of the quotes for the end of a relationship that will help you realize that you don't need him in your life if he's only going to make you unhappy. Relationships are supposed to bring you joy, not sorrow.

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I love this guy and he says he loves me but he has a girlfriend who he says he doesn't love but he refuses to break up with her and I keep trying to seperate myself from him but I just keep going back...
Wanita Brown
I have been in love once
I just found my LDR BF is always cheating and having multiple women. I try so hard to work it out, but turns out he think we won't work out and better be friends. It's been almost a month and I couldn...
Amber Sanders
I am going through a really bad time and reading this made me cry even harder ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
I just got out of a LDR relationship with an older man. I feel pretty sad even tho I know it's for the best. He said all the right things and led me on. He's heartless
chrise taylor
I have loved someone deeply, and watched him hurt me having multiple women , probably lying about his feelings to not only me but them . I removed MYSELF from him and the situation. but it pains me th...
Katherine Saldana
I've been struggling to break up with my current boyfriend for the last two weeks. I love him but I know in my heart we would both be a lot better separated
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