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7 Tips to Avoid Texting Your Ex ...

By Teresa

So, you’re in search of some tips to avoid texting your ex? We’ve all been there. Whether you want to get back together, or simply want to relive old memories, that might not be the best idea. The next time you get the urge, remember these tips to avoid texting your ex and you won’t ever text him again!

1 Block His Number

If you’re an iPhone user with iOS7 or later, you’re in luck. Apple has a feature that lets you block someone’s number. It is definitely one of the easiest tips to avoid texting your ex. Sure, you can unblock them at any time, but that’s not the point! The point is that if you tell yourself you are unable to text him, you won’t do it! Plus, even better, if he tries texting you, you won’t hem and haw over whether or not you should text him back, because you won’t receive the text in the first place!

2 Download an App

You would be surprised at the amount of apps to help you avoid texting your ex. Whether you want to block yourself from all of his social media profiles, avoid drunk dialing, or simply remove the pictures of you two from your Facebook page, there’s an app for that. My personal favorite, as well as my biggest nightmare, is an app that notifies your friends whenever you try to contact your ex, and if you try to bypass it, it will publicly shame you via social media. It is both terrifying and genius.

3 Hide Their Internet Activity

When literally everything this person does annoys you, or if they have a new significant other, it’s time to hide them on social media. If you still want to act like you’re on good terms, but simply cannot bear to look at another picture of the happy, new couple, hiding is your best friend. Mute them on Twitter, unfollow them on Facebook, and purge them from your social media existence.

4 Stop Reflecting on the Good Times

Why is it that the second a relationship ends, we’re constantly reminded of the good times, rather than the time he stood you up for dinner, or the time you got into a fight at the movie theatre? Your relationship wasn’t just good times. Obviously, there were a lot of bad times, or you wouldn’t be broken up right now. The next time you want to text him to remind him of the good times you shared, don’t. Think about the bad times, even for a few seconds, and any interest you had in texting him will instantly fade.

5 Hate Them for a Little While

I don’t really think hating anyone is healthy, however, when it comes to getting over your ex, it’s almost necessary, in my opinion. I have a theory that the only way to get over an ex is to spend a period of time, no matter how short or long that time is, where you just hate them. You hate everything about them, because it’s the only way you’re going to shut up that little voice in your head reminding you of all of the little things you loved about him. The next time that little voice in your head tries to remind you of what you loved about him, shut it up with a good, healthy dose of hate.

6 Learn Indifference

Eventually, though, move past that hate and into indifference. When you just don’t care one way or the other, you won’t even have the urge to text him. You simply won’t want to, because you don’t care. Indifference takes a while to learn, but when you do, your life will be much easier!

7 Find a Distraction

If you really can’t find a way to forget about your ex and lose the urge to text him, simply find a new hobby. Chances are that you shared a love for a lot of your current interests, and therefore you can’t enjoy some things the way that you used to. Find new interests. Find a new TV show to binge watch because you like it. Find music that doesn’t remind you of the days you spent in love, or even worse, the times you were heartbroken. Distracting yourself is a sure way to avoid texting him!

How do you avoid texting your ex? Let me know in the comments what your tips and tricks are!

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