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7 Ways to Regain Your Boyfriend's Trust ...

By Alicia

Do you need to know some ways to regain your boyfriend’s trust? This article can help you know how to do that. Maybe you lied to your boyfriend or had a flirtation with another guy that has broken his trust in you. These are some ways to regain your boyfriend’s trust.

1 Explain Your Actions

One of the first ways to regain your boyfriend’s trust is to explain your actions. It’s good to help him see why you acted the way that you did. It can give him understanding into your point of view. Hopefully this will help him see where you’re coming from. This helps him begin to trust you again.

2 Give a True Apology

If you did something that you know in your heart was wrong, give your boyfriend a sincere apology. Sincere apologies have a way of melting the ice. If he can see that you’re truly sorry, he’ll be much more willing to move on. It could even help you be a stronger couple in the long run. Giving an apology is a mature thing to do when you know you’re in the wrong.


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3 Vow to Be Honest

If you haven’t been honest to your boyfriend in the past, that’ll have to change. Vow to yourself, and to him, to be honest going forward. If you’re sincere, he’ll see that. As time passes and you continue to be truthful with him, you’ll regain his trust. He’ll realize that whatever happened to make him not trust you was a one-time thing.

4 Don’t Keep Secrets

You can’t keep secrets from him if you want to regain his trust. This doesn’t mean that you have to tell him everything. You’ll really have to let your conscience guide you here. If you have a gut feeling that you should tell him something, listen to it. Your instinct will rarely ever steer you wrong.

5 Show Him You Love Him

One of the best things that you can do to help regain your boyfriend’s trust is to show him that you love him. As he sees how much he means to you, he’ll realize you’ll do what you need to do to regain his trust. There’re many different ways that you can do this. It can be done through some really sweet gestures such as writing him a letter about all the things you admire about him or just in your day-to-day interactions. This’ll help him to relax and trust you again.

6 Answer His Questions

Your boyfriend may have questions about whatever it is you did that made him not trust you. The questions may make you uncomfortable but answering them could help you to regain his trust. Let him know the subject is okay to talk about and that you don’t want to hide anything from him. Once he has a bigger picture of what happened, it can help him to move past it. This isn’t always easy but it can help.

7 Realize It Could Take Some Time

Regaining trust can take time. All of the other things mentioned here can help speed the process along but you really can’t get past the fact that it may take some time. While you’re waiting for time to pass, try to relax. Know that you can get past this issue. Believe in your relationship and be patient.

Have you ever been in this situation? What worked for you in regaining your boyfriend’s trust? Share your stories here.

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