7 Reassuring Tips for the Never Been Kissed Crowd ...


If you've never been kissed, you're not the only one. There are hundreds of others who have never experienced lip locking, so don't feel like you're left out of the fun. Sure, there are people younger than you that have kissed, but there are also tons of people older than you that have never been kissed. If you're worried about what will happen when the time comes, here are some tips to help you relax:

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Take Your Time

There's nothing wrong with getting your first kiss after you graduate from high school, just like there's nothing wrong with having it after you're out of college. The older you are, the higher the chances are that you know what you're looking for in a partner. If it takes you years and years to find someone to kiss, that's okay. The wait will be worth it, so don't be ashamed if you've never been kissed.


Know It Naturally

Don't worry about being a bad kisser, because you aren't experienced. Sure, you can get better at it with practice, but kissing will come naturally. You shouldn't analyze every move that you make with a guy. Just do what feels right in the moment, and everything will fall into place.


Special Softness

One of the most important things that you can do is make sure that your lips are nice and soft. Invest in a good brand of chapstick that you'll be able to rely on. You don't want your beautiful lips to look flaky and feel rough against his. Applying some chapstick is an easy fix to an irritating problem. It'll make the kiss so much better for the both of you.


Beautiful Breath

Brushing your teeth is a given, but if you're planning on hanging out with your crush, you might want to bring a pack of gum or some mints with you. You don't want to end up eating garlic pizza for lunch, and then diving into a kiss. It's better to be safe than sorry, so come prepared.


Others Understand

If you're with the right person, they'll understand why you're nervous. Even if you've kissed dozens of people before, it can be intimidating to kiss someone new. Even if the person you're with has more experience than you, they might be just as nervous as you are.


Drastic Differences

Everyone has a different personality, different appearance, and different kissing style. While you can ask your friends about what techniques they use and how they calm their nerves, everyone is different. You won't know how you'll behave until the moment arrives.


Helpful Hands

Even though you're kissing with your lips, that's not the only body part you should pay attention to. You don't want to have your hands at your sides the entire time, or the exchange will feel awkward. Place your hands on his chest, in his hair, or wherever you feel comfortable touching him. Just make sure that your hands are busy doing something.

No matter what your age, there's nothing wrong with not having kissed someone yet. Everyone moves at a different pace, so don't feel like you're being rushed. Take your time, and everything will end up working out for the best. Are you worried about what kissing will feel like?

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"Are you worried about what kissing will feel like?" No offense to any lip virgin readers out there, but I'd be willing to bet that the vast majority of people that visit this site are adults, predominantly WOMEN. First kiss tips stents even in Seventeen magazine, so this is ridiculous. Most of us are experienced kissers. What about an article on how to be a BETTER kisser??

There are a lot of lip virgins, which was the point of this article.

Hey I've never been kissed and I appreciate this article :)

I have not been kissed and I really find this helpful... Thanks!:)


True... Baby lips would be perfect

I have been kissed but thought it was a nice article and I'm sure some young women do wait until they're a bit older than others to have these types of experiences:)

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