Foolproof Ways to Make Sure His Family ADORES You👪➡️💖➡️👱 ...


Some women absolutely hate meeting a guy's family, but when you know the right ways to get his family to like you, it's a stress free event. Of course, a guy's family is going to be judgmental when he brings a new girl home. It doesn't mean they hate you. Try a few of these ways to get his family to like you and they'll love you almost as much as he does.

1. Show up!

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The absolute first rule is to turn up as soon as they want to meet you. If you keep prevaricating and making excuses, they are going to assume you don’t want to meet them or that you have something to hide. Don’t give them any opportunity to think negative of you before they get the chance to see and know how wonderful you are.

Know What Not to Say


Why would Only I care for his family ? The title should b for his and her !!!
You are so right!
peony blue
Oh yeah daunting esp the mother but just remember that as far as the mum is concerned he is the gem of the gem of course we all know differently hahaha however if you make the mother believe that her ...
This is more for when you are married. i don't see why you would take them out. or at least this should be aimed more for males
Accep the family too like u hv accepted him
Nice... The dressing is the most difficult part!
Sound placed tips .. She will gain great results
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