Foolproof Ways to Make Sure His Family Adores You ...

By Crystal

Foolproof Ways to Make Sure His Family Adores You ...

Some women absolutely hate meeting a guy's family, but when you know the right ways to get his family to like you, it's a stress free event. Of course, a guy's family is going to be judgmental when he brings a new girl home. It doesn't mean they hate you. Try a few of these ways to get his family to like you and they'll love you almost as much as he does.

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Show up!

The absolute first rule is to turn up as soon as they want to meet you. If you keep prevaricating and making excuses, they are going to assume you don’t want to meet them or that you have something to hide. Don’t give them any opportunity to think negative of you before they get the chance to see and know how wonderful you are.


When meeting your partner’s family for the first time, it’s important to make a good impression. Here are a few tips to ensure that his family adores you.

First and foremost, make sure to be punctual and show up on time. If you’re running late, let them know and apologize. This will show them that you value their time and respect them.

Be friendly and polite. Make sure to introduce yourself with a smile and a handshake. Ask them questions about themselves and show genuine interest in their answers. This will help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Dress appropriately. Make sure you’re dressed for the occasion. If it’s a more formal gathering, wear something a bit dressier. If it’s a more casual affair, dress casually but still look presentable.

Be prepared to engage in conversation. Have some topics in mind that you can bring up in conversation. This will help to break the ice and make them feel more comfortable.

Finally, show your appreciation. Thank them for having you over and for their hospitality. This will show them that you recognize and value their efforts.


Know What Not to Say

Every family has certain hot button topics. One of the easiest ways to get his family to like you is to simply avoid bad topics. Talk to your partner before the big meet and see what's off limits. Odds are, you should probably avoid talking about religion or politics as these are always tense topics. While you might get to controversial conversations later on, wait until his family likes you first.


Don't Bristle at Their Questions

You honestly don't know what your guy has told his family about you. Plus, it's their job to learn as much as possible during a single meeting. They will ask awkward questions. Don't get defensive. Remain calm and answer any questions they ask as respectfully as possible. If there's something you're not comfortable with, tell them you're not comfortable discussing that right now.


Accept Their Advice Gracefully

Pretty much in the same vein as dealing with questions that raise your hackles, take their proffered advice with grace. Parents are parents and one of their jobs is to dispense advice according to the law of Mom and Dad. You don’t have to follow it. Just be polite and thank them for their good guidance.


Talk about Mutual Interests

Everyone loves talking about things they enjoy such as hobbies or their career. Talk to your guy about things you and his family might have in common. Any time the conversation starts to make you feel uncomfortable, bring up one of your mutual interests. These topics are also great icebreakers. With mutual ground to stand on, everyone feels a little more comfortable.

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Speak up

Even if you're naturally shy, his family will think the worst of you if you're quiet the whole time. Participate in conversations. Ask his family questions. If nothing else, ask for some funny stories from his childhood. Parents and siblings love sharing embarrassing stories. While you don't have to be a social butterfly, you'll have to talk at least a little.


Dress Nicely

You don't have to wear formal attire, but dress appropriately for the meet. You want to make a good first impression. This isn't the time for your tightest or sexiest clothes. For casual meetings, nice jeans and a solid-colored tee are fine. If you're not sure, ask your guy how his family typically dresses and what you should wear. After all, he wants you to make a great impression too.


Limit the PDAs in Front of the Parents

This is the 21st Century. Most parents will assume that you and your man have probably gotten naked and down to the dirty (even if you haven’t). That doesn’t give you carte blanche to flaunt your sexual relationship in the family’s face. Limit the PDAs, don’t drape yourself all over him and no tongue kissing. But, still be affectionate with your guy. Hold hands, hug, give pecks on the cheek – otherwise they’ll think you’re a cold fish.


Go to Family Functions

You'll have to interact with his family more than the initial meeting. You don't have to go to every family function, but try to attend as many as possible. The more times you blow them off, the less his family will like you. Standing by your guy's side during random family events shows his family you like him and them.


Offer to Help out

If you are invited to go to a family function, offering to help out will always win you brownie points. If you aren’t a great cook, offer to lay the table or help with the room setting. Even wash up if you need to. Just do something to get involved. And you don’t have to limit it to family functions. You can offer to assist with younger children’s homework, or the elder sister’s college application. It all helps you fit in and become enveloped as a family member.


Invite Them out

The more his family gets to know you, the more they'll like you. Try to find times to invite his family to do things with the two of you. For instance, you could host a dinner or meet everyone at a restaurant. Not only will you feel more comfortable, but they'll be happy to be invited. If you feel comfortable enough doing things with members of his family on your own, even better.

I know it's stressful trying to get your partner's family to like you. While you might not get everyone on your side, remember, your partner loves you and that's what matters most. Be yourself and his family will come around. What tips do you have for getting a guy's family to like you?

This article was written in conjunction with editor Neecey Beresford

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Oh yeah daunting esp the mother but just remember that as far as the mum is concerned he is the gem of the gem of course we all know differently hahaha however if you make the mother believe that her son is in good hands and you are friendly then there is nothing the mum cam do to split up the relationship. On the other hand if you go in guns blazing as jn having an attitude then he is more likely to take mummy's side! It is all in the balance and if you chill in no time his mum will be begging you to marry her gem of a son! Hahahah

This is more for when you are married. i don't see why you would take them out. or at least this should be aimed more for males

Nice... The dressing is the most difficult part!

Accep the family too like u hv accepted him

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Sound placed tips .. She will gain great results

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