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8 Relationship Red Flags to Watch out for ...

By Heather

Relationship Red Flags aren't always easy to spot. In fact, when they say that 'love is blind', it really is sometimes. You might not want to admit that the relationship you're in isn't all that great. Well ladies, don't worry! I got your back, I've got the top 8 relationship red flags that you might want to watch out for in your next relationship. We're also going to explore some of the relationship red flags that you might be able to get around.

1 Bad Breakup Baggage

Let's say that the guy that you're into right now got out of a relationship over a year ago. Let's say that the breakup was horrible. Chances are, he's probably still bitter and he could actually take bitterness out on you. This is definitely one of the relationship red flags that you get around, but it might take time.

2 Lots of Flings

It's okay for a guy to have a lot of different relationships, might for him to have a lot of flings – what does that say about him? Well, it should say that he is looking for a lot of one night stands and not so much a real relationship. If he has had a lot of flings in the past – talk to him about it, find out why. The reasoning could surprise you!

3 Disconnected Sex

So you've been in a relationship with a guy for a while and you've had sex together but lately, it feels like the sex is just completely disconnected. This is for sure one of the biggest relationship red flags. It could mean everything from he's cheating all the way to he is stressed about something. Make sure that you bring it up and talk to him about it!

4 Deep-Seeded Anger

Everyone get's angry at some point, but when you have deep-seeded anger, it isn't all about small fights. These are the fights that could lead to abuse or even something worse. Ladies, if you see that you man is exhibiting deep-seeded anger, you might want to seek out help or talk to him a little about it and see what he says.

5 The Way He Treats His Mother

This is a big one for me, as my ex treated his mother like crap and in turn – treated me like crap. A surefire relationship red flag is the way that he treats his mother. If he doesn't respect his mom, what makes you think that he's going to respect you? His mother raised him after all and that should give you an idea on how he was raised to treat women.

6 Still Lives at His Parents

This one is a small red flag that you can actually help out with. A lot of times, a guy just gets comfortable living at home. That doesn't make him a bad guy, but if you are getting serious about the guy, talk to him about moving in together or at least him getting his own place. It's a red flag, but a minor one.

7 Never Invites You over

This relationship red flag though is a huge one. If you've been dating a guy for a few months and he never, ever invites you over to his place, isn't that weird? Is he hiding something that he doesn't want you to find? Talk to him about it, express your fears – it could be a misunderstanding!

8 He's 'Newly' Single

This is another minor red flag and it doesn't apply to all guys. If he's newly single and out of a relationship that only lasted a few months, chances are, he'll be ready to date rather quickly. However, if he's getting out of a relationship where he was engaged and been with the chick for years, that's a red flag. After all, there could be lingering feelings still!

There are tons of different relationship red flags and they aren't all bad things. Some of the relationship red flags are things that can bring you both together in your relationship. So ladies, what red flags do you watch out for? Any you can share?

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