Surprising Relationship Talks You Should Have with Your Boyfriend ...


Surprising Relationship Talks You Should Have with Your Boyfriend ...
Surprising Relationship Talks You Should Have with Your Boyfriend ...

If you're casually dating, then there's no reason to bring up serious matters, like marriage and children. However, if you're in a serious relationship that you truly believe will last, you should sit your partner down and discuss some important issues. After all, if you're together forever, you're going to have to talk about these affairs at some point, and sooner is better than later. So if you've been with the love of your life for a while, here are a few relationships talks that you should definitely have with him:

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The Kid Talk

If you have no desire to have kids, but you find out that your partner has always dreamt of being a dad, you could have a huge problem. That's why it's important for you to ask him about his opinion on children. Even if you two both agree that you'll have kids at some point, there's a lot more to discuss. You need to ask him if he plans on quitting his job to stay home with the kids, if he wants to raise them into a certain religion, and how he plans on disciplining them.


The Marriage Talk

It's time to find out how your man feels about marriage. What age does he want to get married? How much is he willing to spend on the wedding and honeymoon? Does he want to get married at all? Those are all crucial questions.


The Money Talk

If you're planning on spending your lives together, you're probably going to end up pooling your money together. That's why you should find out how he feels about merging bank accounts and using each other's credit cards. You should also find out if he's good at budgeting and saving his money, or if his bank account is virtually empty.


The House Talk

Even though you both grew up in the same town, it doesn't mean he wants to live there forever. It's important to ask him where he plans on moving in the future. If you're not living together yet, then you should also ask him how long it'll be until he's ready to move in together.


The Chore Talk

When you share a house, you share responsibilities. That's why you need to figure out who will be responsible for what chores. If he expects you to mow the lawn, do the dishes, and do his laundry without pitching in himself, then you need to set things straight with him. You should be doing an equal amount of work.


The Family Talk

When you enter a serious relationship, your partner's family becomes your family. That means you have to decide which side of the family you'll see on certain holidays. Will you spend an hour at one house and an hour at the other, or will you only have time to visit one house?


The Little Talks

The little things can be just as important as the big things. Ask him if he wants a TV in your bedroom, if he plans on having his friends over often, and if he wants a pet bird. If you think the conversation might be important, then it is.

Once you enter a serious relationship, there are a lot of important matters that need to be discussed. How many of these talks have you already had with your partner?

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Any must-know advice for a first date? I’m excited. :)

If you really love him honey then this is the time to sacrifice those sacrifice we make in life when u in love, go ahead and stay here with him(:@the queen of bitches

You welcome honey(:@queenofbitches

Yeah just enjoy the relationship first and foremost. Sometimes having that talk doesn't quite pan out at the best of times like an accidental pregnancy for eg and then things could change. Plans can be good but sometimes going with flow can be good as well.

Hm lately with my fiancé we've been talking about finances (money, credit cards and such) and living together next year. It's an exciting time but lots to sort out!

@rose thanks.

😂first date talk! After 3 years we had this talk until then we only figured out eachother. And at this moment i have to laugh about the answers back then beacause Things will change all the time.

What if he wants to stay in USA and I want to move back to India and we r just not agreeing?

My boyfriend and I did 1,2 & 4.

This sounds like first date talk to me

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