7 Things You Don't Need to Have in Common Just to Date Each Other ...

By Holly

Your boyfriend isn't supposed to be the spitting image of you. How creepy would that be? That's why you shouldn't be concerned if you two don't seem to have a lot in common. As long as you can still find topics to talk about and fun dates to go on, then there's nothing to worry about. Here are a few things that you don't need to have in common with a guy in order to have a successful relationship with him:

1 Your Taste in TV Shows

Your Taste in TV Shows Every couple wants to lounge around on the couch watching Netflix. However, if you can never settle on a show that you'll both enjoy, it'll push you to go out and have some fun. You'll never waste your days inside the house, because you'd rather go mini-golfing or bike riding.

2 Your Friends

Your Friends You might see your friends every single day, and your man might only see his friends once or twice a month. That doesn't matter. You don't have to force your friend groups to merge. Real life isn't like Friends.

3 Your Backgrounds

Your Backgrounds If you grew up in a cramped apartment and your boyfriend grew up in a mansion, it doesn't make a difference. Sure, you'll have to get used to each other's lifestyles, but it'll be a learning experience. You'll both get to see the world in new ways, and isn't that one of the best things about dating someone?

4 Your Jobs

Your Jobs If you're a teacher, you don't have to date another teacher. It's perfectly fine for you to date a lawyer, even if you can't stand the thought of entering a courtroom. Sure, you'll have to endure stories about his time at work, but you won't actually have to watch him work, so why does it matter if you hate his job? You're not the one who has to sit there with him.

5 Your Age

Your Age If your boyfriend is five years older than you, it might sound like a huge age difference. However, when you're 32 and he's 37, it's not that big of a deal. You probably grew up watching the same shows and listening to the same music, even though you're half a decade apart. (Of course, if you're two decades apart, it could pose a problem.)

6 Your Fashion Sense

Your Fashion Sense If you love to wear expensive name brand clothing and he walks around in cheap wife beaters from Kmart, then it shouldn't be an issue. After all, looks aren't everything. The clothing that he wears shouldn't matter to you, because his personality should be the most important thing. After all, Rachel was in the fashion industry and she still ended up with Ross, didn't she?

7 Your Mindset

Your Mindset If you dream of becoming an artist, you don't have to find another artist to suffer alongside. Sometimes, it's best for you to find someone with "practical" dreams, like becoming a doctor. That way, you'll be able to balance each other out. You'll be able to help him let loose and he'll be able to help you create realistic goals.

As long as you're happy together, it doesn't matter how similar you are. After all, everyone has heard that opposites attract. Are you and your boyfriend have a lot in common, or are you two total opposites?

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