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7 Things Girls Wish Their Boyfriends Would Tell Them ...

By Holly

There are small, simple things girls wish their boyfriends would tell them. Unfortunately, some guys aren’t as vocal as we’d like them to be. We don’t need them to constantly worship the ground we walk on, but it’s nice to know that we're appreciated. Here are a few of the little things girls wish their boyfriends would tell them.

1 I Miss You

When you really care about someone, you can miss them after only a few hours of seeing them. The exact moment they leave, you wish that they’d return. One of the things girls wish their boyfriends would tell them is that they miss spending time together. It’s always nice to know that you’re on your man’s mind. Telling you that he misses you is an indication that he can’t stop thinking about you.

2 You’re Beautiful

It’s obvious that he thinks you’re gorgeous, but you love when he says it aloud. Compliments contain magical powers. They can help cheer you up after a bad day. They can make your confidence skyrocket. They can only cause smiles, so there’s no reason for him to keep his silence.


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3 You Can Pick

It’s nice for a man to take charge, but not all of the time. Once in a while, you should be the one who decides where to eat or what movie to watch. Taking turns is the fair way to handle things. He should value your opinion, and trust that you’ll make a good decision. Just don’t pick something you know he’ll hate!

4 I’ll Clean/cook

Despite what men thought in the past, housework is not solely the woman’s job. He shouldn’t expect you to clean up after dinner, especially if he’s the one who made the mess. Your work should be evenly divided, which means that you shouldn’t be the one who is expected to cook, either. If you’re the chef in the relationship, he can still give cooking a try. His concoction might taste horrible, but at least he made an effort.

5 Thank You

These two words are small, but their impact is huge. He might only say ‘thank you’ after you do something special, like buying him a gift. However, it’s nice to hear the words after doing small things as well. Bonus points if he gets you a card or flowers to show his thanks. It’s a sign that he appreciates everything that you do for him.

6 This Reminded Me of You

When someone tells you that a song or book reminded them of you, it’s hard to keep from smiling. What could be a better compliment? They’re telling you that you were in their thoughts when you weren’t around. It's proof that you're constantly on his mind. It’s a sweet statement that’s not overly mushy.

7 I Love You

These are the three greatest words that a human voice is capable of making. It’s the highest compliment that your boyfriend can give you. It shows that he cares about you, and that he wants to be with you. Hearing him say the words will never fail to make you grin. If he’s lucky, you might even say them back.

These simple sentences can make a girl’s day. Does your boyfriend tell you these things often? If not, do you wish that he did?

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