7 Flirty Things That Should Never Stop in Long Term Relationships ...


7 Flirty Things That Should Never Stop in Long Term Relationships ...
7 Flirty Things That Should Never Stop in Long Term Relationships ...

Household responsibilities can be so overwhelming that it's easy for couples to fall into the vicious point in the relationship where they forget about the little, flirty things they used to do in the early stages of romance. Here are seven flirty things you should still be doing after years of dating your man:

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Text Him Sexy Messages

red, person, photography, singing, photo shoot, Remember when you used to feel giddy about receiving text messages from him in the middle of the day after a wonderful dinner date? Why not turn the tables around and do it yourself this time! Say: "I'm waiting at home wearing that thing you bought for me, dear." You bet he'll get home before five!


Take out That LBD and Dress to Impress

, When kids and bills pile up - yep, they can be under one category - admit it, you often times forget how it is to look pretty and made up. So why not call in the in-laws or hire a babysitter and tell him you've arranged a dinner for two? And don't go there in your sweatshirt! Take out that little black dress, pump up your look with appropriate accessories, tie your hair in a ponytail, and put those makeup brushes to work! Dress to impress, lady!


Leave Handwritten Notes Anywhere

writing, hand, finger, No special occasion needed! Leave notes on the fridge, on his bedside table, his wallet, even his car! Write suggestive and flirty what-nots. Hints? Maybe: "Waiting for you in bed tonight?" Or: "You look good in that tie, mind if I take that off later?" He'll be grinning the whole day thinking of you and the night that will ensue.


Wear That Red Lipstick

lip, red, face, lipstick, nose, Nothing like plump lips in red hue! Bring out the seductress and temptress in you with this fiery color suggesting your readiness for "battle." Red lips tell a lot of back story and he'll realize what you're up to when he sees you with that plush look. Add some hair action in there so he'll really get the message. He'd be too dense not to notice you, honey!


Ban Pajamas for Three Nights

black, black and white, clothing, lingerie, monochrome photography, They're comfy and snuggly, but you've been wearing them for months! Do yourself a favor and ban them for at least three nights and wear those lingerie and sexy sleeping outfits that have been hidden in the dark corner of your closet. Leave the nightlight on and wait for his entrance in the room of love.


Cook That Special Dish

person, clothing, blond, long hair, supermodel, Has it been fast food, crappy food for the past weeks? Then try to make things work with your schedule - it will work out if you try hard enough - and spend some time in the kitchen to cook that special dish of yours he dearly loves and sorely misses. Surprise him with food! It's an old fashioned trick that never goes out of style.


Try Something New

screenshot, A new position in bed, a new restaurant, even a new aftershave or lotion or cologne. New is not always bad. It can mark a new chapter in your life as a couple. Break the monotony and embrace change. If it doesn't suit you then you don't really lose anything; you gain something and it's called experience.

Any more tips on how you can continue to keep the relationship spiced up after all these years?

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My boyfriend never wants to see me after 2 1/2 years so can't really do any of these .. He'd rather watch tv or see his mates lol

I like the suggestions

Ah 2much effort 4 a dog. I've lost all faith in men. Il do what I wana. Done with impressing a bitch. I think il rather live with my girls and b happy.

Melissa has got it spot on 👍

@Melissa Sciolla 👏🏼

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