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When you see your boyfriend constantly, it's hard to think of new things to do together. That's why it's nice to have a set of activities planned out ahead of time, so you don't have to do any thinking. Don't worry, because these challenges aren't all that hard to complete, but they will keep you busy while bringing you two closer together. Without further adieu, here's a special week-long relationship challenge for you and your boyfriend to complete:

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Exercise on Monday

It's time to get pumped for the week ahead of you--and what better way to pump yourself up than by exercising? You two can go bike riding together, play Just Dance together, or simply take a walk down the block together. Do whatever you can to get your blood pumping.


Take Photographs on Tuesday

Instead of taking photos that you plan on posting on Facebook and Instagram, you should take a few photos that are for your eyes only. That doesn't mean that they should be naughty. It just means that you two shouldn't be afraid to look silly in them. After all, the strange pictures are the most fun to look back at in the future.


Sign up for a Class on Wednesday

Wednesday is the middle of the week, which means you'll probably be busy with homework or chores. That's why this activity won't require you and your partner to leave the house, or even to see each other. You just have to text each other to figure out what kind of class you want to take. Then you can sign up for it online.


Cook Something on Thursday

Instead of wasting money on overpriced food at a restaurant, you can make something out of the food you already have in your kitchen. You don't have to cook anything gourmet. Even if you have some dough for a pizza pie, you can whip that up together as a team.


Stay up All Night Talking on Friday

Friday night is the best time to relax, because you're still winding down from the stress of the week That's why you and your boyfriend don't have to do anything too intense. You should just stay up all night talking, whether it's in person or over Skype. Just get out everything you have to say.

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Have a Date without Technology on Saturday

It's time to turn your cell off, because you're going to have a date without technology. That means no Internet, no apps, and no radio. No Netflix, either! You have to spend actual quality time together without any help from your electronics. You'll be surprised at how much it helps you two bond.


Go on a Double Date on Sunday

There must be another couple that you've been eager to spend time with. That's why you should set up a double date for Sunday. After all, you don't want your boyfriend to be the only person you ever associate with. It's important to be social as an individual, and as a couple.

Tell your boyfriend that you have some plans for him this week, and then get to work crossing these things off of your list. Do you think you're going to be able to complete this entire challenge?

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