8 Sex Resolutions for 2019 ...


8 Sex Resolutions for 2019 ...
8 Sex Resolutions for 2019 ...

Sex Resolutions are huge for 2019! What are some of the sex resolutions that you have made for 2019? Have you fulfilled them yet? Well ladies, if you are still searching for your sex resolutions, I've got the top 8 of 'em below? Trust me, these are all ones that everyone should try this year!

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Try New Sex Toys

Sex toys are there to enjoy and if you've never tried one, this should be the year! Sex resolutions are all about making an effort in your relationship and making sex a priority! Why not try out something you've never tried before? There are tons of sex toys out there ladies, why not start out with a starter kit to get yourself started?


Watch Porn Together

If you've been in a relationship for a while, some of the spark and sizzle can go out real quick. When that happens, you want to make sure that you are making it spicy again and porn is one way to do it! One of your sex resolutions this year should be to watch more porn with your partner and maybe to even try some of the positions!


Initiate Sex More

Typically, the guy is the one that initiates sex. This year, one of your sex resolutions should be to initiate sex more! Send him flirty little messages, leave him little notes about what he'll be missing during the day. I promise, he'll appreciate it and wonder what changed!


Kiss More Often

Again, when you've been together for a really long time, kissing usually slips to the back burner. Yes, you kiss when you leave or when you go to bed together, but that's about it. This year, you should make a pact to kiss more often – passionate kissing!


Role Play

Believe it or not, a lot of couples don't role play. It's actually really fun and it's a great way to explore yourselves and what you like. What about this year, adding in some role playing into your sexual games? You be the cop and let him be the robber. It'll be fun and interesting!


Try Different Positions

Missionary style is great, but what about switching it up this year? How about you try a completely different style or even a different location? This is honestly, one of the best ways to keep your relationship fun and interesting!


Explore Myself More

Sex resolutions do not have to be all about partners, there are resolutions that you can make for yourself. For example, exploring those personal parts a little more on your own is a great resolution! It's a great way for you to figure out exactly what you like, that way you'll be able to tell your partner!


Dirty Talk

Dirty talk is always a resolution that everyone should have! Most people don't know how to dirty talk and when they do, it typically isn't graphic and it's a little awkward. This time, why not look to improve your dirty talk? It'll make all of the difference!

Making sex resolutions shouldn't be stressful, it should be fun! Personally, I love making sex resolutions with the Better Half, that way we both have things we are committing to. So ladies, what resolutions are you going to make this year?

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it's probably not the best idea to put ur phone number on here but...ur choice.

Love this. :) Definitely some great tips to follow.

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