Short Story: Mistletoe Kisses ...


1. 8 PM

Red sweater dress. Light grey leggings. Shimmery gold flats. That's the outfit I wore to my office's holiday party in the hopes of impressing Jonathan.

Jonathan, the guy in a striped blue shirt and a goofy Rudolph tie, who was currently walking through the doorway with me.

"Oooh. Looks like we caught another one," Judith, the boss' pet, said when she saw us. She pointed above our heads with a hand that was already holding a wine glass.

I looked up at the same time as John. Of course. Mistletoe. The office frowned upon coworkers dating coworkers, so hanging that crap up made zero sense.

Sure, I'd daydreamed about kissing Jonathan when I was driving to work, or sitting at my desk, or touching myself--but I never pictured that kiss taking place in front of our entire office.

"I got Kiss Cam-ed at a Lakers game with my sister once and it was less embarrassing than this," he said, just loud enough for me to hear.

I didn't find the comparison to his sister all that funny, but I forced a laugh anyway. Then I stared at him, along with a dozen other eyes, waiting for him to move. When he did, he simply pressed his lips against my cheek and was done with it.

A chorus of 'awws' filled the room. The sound of disappointment.

"What a ripoff," Judith whined at us, clearly already drunk on her wine. "I wanted some tongue action. At least a peck for goodness sake. What are you guys, twelve? Actually, at twelve I already had better kisses than that."

"Nice to see you too," I said, shuffling away from the doorway. Whenever I saw her outside of work, it was a shock. Inside of the office, she wore her curly red hair in a pony, covered her double Ds with turtleneck sweaters and her long legs with slacks. But now, she wore a skintight, sleeveless purple dress with bare legs and loose hair.

I was a little jealous of her perfectly smooth skin and even more jealous of the way John was looking at her.

"Well, come on now, put your presents down," she said, leading us over to a table of assorted gifts.

I placed mine into the mixture.

"So who's your Secret Santa?" he asked, nudging me with his arm.

"It's a secret," I said, because I wasn't about to spoil his surprise. Besides, originally, I'd gotten Steven. But then I'd swapped Steven out for Tara, because i knew i could swap her out for Jonathan. It sounded a little creepy, but I had the perfect gift in mind for him, and we weren't super close friends yet, so it would be weird if i gave him a gift on my own. That's why i orchestrated the whole Secret Santa thing.

He pouted his lips. "Well. Then I'm not telling you mine, either," he said over his shoulder as he made his way across the room.

Only seconds after John walked away, Steven popped up behind me. "Merry Christmas! You look like you belong on the top of a tree."

I was too busy staring at John to pay attention. "Huh?"

"Just that. You uh. You look good. Really pretty."

"Oh, thanks," I said, even though I didn't believe it. Not after seeing Judith. She was going to steal the show. Steal my John.



This was something I bet every girl needed to read at some point in her life
Yesterday i read it but the '8pm-part' wasnt there so i didnt really understand why everyone liked it that much๐Ÿ˜… now i do, since the story is complete, love all of your sotries!:) xx
Shannon Bauer
I what that
Shannon Bauer
I what that me and jimmy kiss
love your stories holly! they bring me so much joy :D
Very well written๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผโค๏ธ
This was precious
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