Should You Have Sex on the First Date ?


Should You  Have Sex on the First Date ?
Should You  Have Sex on the First Date ?

In today’s modern dating landscape, the idea of having sex with someone on the first date is nowhere near as taboo and controversial as it used to be! Although I wouldn’t say that it is the most common end to a first evening together, there are definitely more people willing to do it than, say, fifteen or twenty years ago! I suppose the question is, what feels right for you personally. There are no set rules, so we have to make them up for ourselves as we go along! If you are verging on the side of wanting to, then that’s totally cool. In fact, here are some considerations for should you have sex on the first date?

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He Won’t Think Less of You

I can guarantee you that a guy will not think less of you for agreeing to sleep with him on the first date. It is a completely level pegging situation; you are both feeling the chemistry, and you are both consenting adults who can do what you want together. After all, how can he judge you when he is doing exactly the same thing!


In fact, the old-fashioned view that women should play hard to get or wait an arbitrary number of dates is becoming less prevalent in today's dating scene. The decision to be intimate is a personal choice and reflects your own values and relationship with your sexuality. It is essential to be true to yourself and not to adhere to societal pressures or expectations. Feeling empowered in your decision-making will ensure that you remain confident and self-assured, no matter what path you choose. Remember, mutual respect and open communication are the cornerstones of any healthy relationship.


Coming Back for More

Giving him a taste of sugar on the first date is a sure fire way to ensure that he comes back for more! Guys are simple creatures, they will go where they think they are going to get sex, and if you like him enough to give it to him, then there is no shame in enjoying yourself so early on in your interaction!


Cuts the Tension

Some people enjoy the sexual tension that builds up on a first date, preferring to let it drag on and on. However, if you are someone who would rather be doing than imagining, then just cut the crap and get down to it! Most people can tell in mere minutes on a date if they are going to want to have sex with a person or not, so why beat around the bush if you don’t feel that you have to?



Listen, you can’t fight chemistry! If you feel a spark and a connection with your date, and you know full well that you are intending to sleep with him, why should you have to drag it out for two more diets just because old cultural rules say that you should? We are all old enough and big enough to make our own decisions in the 21st century, so just go with the flow and enjoy that chemistry!


You Want It

At the end of the day, you owe it to your sexual appetite to keep your libido satisfied! Girls and their sexual desire are only just beginning to be able to comfortable and confident in expressing their needs, so make the most of it and have much first date sex as you want. Men have been begging for it for generations, why shouldn’t you want it to!?

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