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7 Signs He's Been Thinking about Breaking up with You ...

By Alicia

Are things feeling off in your relationship? It could be that something is brewing. These’re some signs that your boyfriend’s been thinking about breaking up. It’s important to not jump to conclusions if you see only one or two of these in your relationship, though. Make sure there’s cause for concern.

1 He’s Not around as Much

Does it seem like your boyfriend isn’t around much? There could be a lot of reasons for that. Has something happened like he recently got a job or his school schedule is more demanding? Consider those factors to see if there’s an explanation for his absence. If nothing has changed then he could be choosing not to be around as often.

2 His Texts Are Dwindling

Is he suddenly texting you less? It could be that he’s less interested in your relationship than he used to be. But it’s always wise to think about other reasons than what seems obvious. It’s possible he’s so swamped he can’t find time to text or maybe his new data plan doesn’t allow him to text as often as he used to. If you’re unsure what’s up then ask him why his texts have slowed down.

3 He Makes Comments about How Much You Fight

This’s a sign that he’s concerned for your relationship or not very happy in it. It’s normal to recognize that all couples will have times of disagreement. However, if you’re fighting all the time then give it some thought. Does it seem like your relationship is headed downhill? Talk to your boyfriend and brainstorm for ways to get back on track.

4 He’d Rather Hang out with His Friends

Ladies, it’s important to recognize that all guys are going to want some time with their friends and that’s normal. You should spend time with your friends, too! But if your guy never wants to be together and is always choosing his friends over you then you’ve got a problem. He could be trying to give you the message that he doesn’t want to be together anymore. The only way to know what he’s thinking is to ask him.

5 He Seems Distracted and Distant

Sometimes guys seem distracted and distant and this can mean many things. It could have something to do with you and it could have nothing to do with you. This’s one that you don’t want to assign meaning to unless it’s present with many of these other signs. He could be stressed over something going on in his life that you don’t know about. He could just be tired or in a quiet mood. Guys generally aren’t as talkative as we are anyways.

6 He Stopped Saying I Love You

Sadly, this’s a big sign. Sure, it could be that he’s just fallen out of the habit. But if it seems like he’s stopped saying he loves you as a way of backing away then it’s time to worry. Sometimes guys will back away, hoping that you’ll break up with them rather than having to do it themselves. It could be a good idea to ask him if he’s looking for a way out. It’s always better to know than not know.

7 Your Intuition Tells You Something is off

You may just have the feeling that something’s off in your relationship. You don’t want to ignore that feeling but you don’t want to go on only that feeling. Observe your boyfriend and see if there’re any other signs that he wants to break up with you. Women’s intuition is real but so is overanalyzing things. Another idea is to talk to a trusted friend to get their opinion.

These’re 7 signs he may be thinking about breaking up with you. Are you worried about this in your relationship? You’re welcome to share your stories here!

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