7 Signs You Only like the Idea of Him ...


7 Signs You Only like the Idea of Him ...
7 Signs You Only like the Idea of Him ...

You don't want to date a guy just so you can say you have a boyfriend. You should be with someone you genuinely like. Way too often, we fall into the habit of dating the wrong men, because we think we like them, but we really only like the idea of them. That needs to be put to an end, so here are a few signs that you only like the idea of him:

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You Barely Know Him

You Barely Know Him How could you like him so much if you've never even spoken to him? If you've just been admiring your crush from afar, but have never heard his voice or found out anything about his personality, then you only like the idea of him.


You Would Change Him if You Could

You Would Change Him if You Could If you possessed the power to change your boyfriend, would you? If you'd make him a little nicer, a little funnier, and a little smarter, then you clearly don't like him for him. You're trying to mold him into the boyfriend you've been dreaming about having, but it's going to backfire on you. You can't change him, so if you can't accept him for whom he is, you shouldn't be in a relationship with him.


You Hate Being Lonely

You Hate Being Lonely Are you settling for him, because you'd prefer to be in any relationship than to be alone? If you have your heart set on finding a boyfriend, then you're going to ignore all of the red flags you see. You'll force yourself to believe that a certain guy is right for you, just because you want it to be true so badly.


You’re Jealous of Other Couples

Does it bother you when your friends brag about their boyfriends? What about when you see photos on Instagram of happy couples? If you're extremely jealous of other couples, then you might be forcing yourself into a relationship, so that you can be like them. Of course, you won't be as happy as they are if you just date the first man you stumble across.


He Acts Differently in Your Head

He Acts Differently in Your Head When you imagine your first date, he brings you flowers and calls you beautiful. But if he shows up late and empty handed in reality, then he's clearly not the same person you've been fantasizing about. Sometimes, we'll pretend that a guy is totally different in our dreams in order to be happy, but you can't change reality.


You’re a Hopeless Romantic

You’re a Hopeless Romantic If you've been dreaming about marriage and children since you were a child yourself, you're probably eager to find love. That's why you'll be a little too optimistic when you meet men. You'll think that every single one is "the one" when they're really just another mistake.


He Treats You Poorly

He Treats You Poorly If you're proud to tell everyone about your boyfriend, but actually hate spending time with him, there's a problem. It means that you care way more about how your relationship sounds than how it actually is. If your man treats you poorly, head for the door. You'll be happier without him.

Don't fool yourself into believing a guy is perfect for you when you know he's not. Do you think you like your man or only the idea of your man?

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