9 Signs That Tell You Ahead of Time You'll Regret Marrying Your Partner ...

For many women out there, one of the main goals in life is to find someone, fall in love with them, and then make it super official in the form of a wedding. Getting married is supposed to be one of the best days of your life, but sometimes, just sometimes, it can actually be one of the biggest mistakes that you could ever make! If you aren’t quite at that stage yet and are pondering the circumstances, here are nine signs you will regret marrying your partner.

1. Money Differences

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I’m talking about one of you being rich and one of you being poor, I’m talking about having fundamental differences in the way that you treat your money. For example, if you are someone who sees the value in saving but your partner likes to spend everything they make, then that is going to cause massive problems down the line.

2. Controlling

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Do you feel controlled? It is nice to have a partner who you can feel protected by, but when that crosses a line in to not being able to make your own decisions anymore, that is a relationship problem that should be a deal breaker.

3. Bad Communication

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If the only time you are really connected is when you are in the bedroom, it is never going to last. How can you enjoy a life long marriage with someone that you can’t even have a proper adult conversation with over dinner?

4. You Think They Will Change

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It is silly to think that as soon you have said ‘I do’, that is going to be the magic thing that changes his behaviour. Don’t fool yourself, marriage isn’t going to change someone who likes to act in a certain way.

5. Trust Issues

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You can’t marry them if you know that, deep down inside, you don’t even trust them. Marriages are supposed to be between two people who can tell each other anything, but if you don’t believe the things they tell you now, then nothing is going to change or improve.

6. No Fair Fights

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When you get in to rows, things always find their way back to particular character traits or events that just aren’t fair. It’s as if there is a big red button that can be pushed which never makes a fight ‘fair’ or measured.

7. Different Values

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It is really important that you share the same core values with your future spouse, because if you have different opinions on the most important things in life, you will never truly be a great team.

8. Isolated

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You feel isolated in your relationship, in the sense that you have had to choose your partner over your friends and family because they can see them for what they really are. That is no way to live.

9. No Apologies

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All couples fight and bicker, but they makeup as quickly as they argue. If you never seem to be on the receiving end of an apology, then that should be a huge red flag for what your future might be like.

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