10 Signs ⚛️ to Pay Attention to if You Want to Figure out 🤔 if Your Friend Has a Crush on You 😍 ...


The moment you realize that your friend has a crush on you, everything changes. You might have had your suspicions that your friendship was more than just friendly, but now what? It could turn your relationship anywhere from awkward or the greatest couple in history. Here are signs to pay attention to if you want to figure out if your friend has a crush on you.

1. Time Responding

In person or on social media, what is their response timing? Is it immediate, or does it take a while? If they respond right away the majority of the time, they're definitely interested.

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Neecey Beresford
@Eliza , sorry Eliza - we don't note who is in the pics we use. Maybe a reader knows if you think it is someone famous?
Who is this women in this cover
@Isabella, the list are good signs to look out for.
@Shayne, that would mean trouble oh no! I'll probably avoid him unless he breaks up with the girl.
He doesint
What will u do if u see all those signs and told that he likes u but he had a girlfriend?😬
How do I know?
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