10 Surefire Signs That Guy is Breadcrumbing You and You Need to Bail ...


10 Surefire Signs That Guy is Breadcrumbing You and You Need to Bail ...
10 Surefire Signs That Guy is Breadcrumbing You and You Need to Bail ...

In today’s murky dating waters, you have to be on the lookout for catfish, ghosts, players and now, a newly identified swimmer has entered the fray, so you need to recognize signs he is breadcrumbing you. So, what is a breadcrumber? This type of guy likes to toy with you and keep you hanging on a thread. He feeds you crumbs, never the full meal. He entices with these crumbs, lulling you into thinking he’ll deliver more, but he never commits. It’s brutal because unless you recognize his actions as breadcrumbs, you’re forever wondering. Know the signs of breadcrumbing and nip it in the bud before you choke.

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He Keeps Postponing Dates

person, You keep making plans together, but for one reason or another he always finds a way to take a rain check and set another date, which he will no doubt cancel again! He’ll find other ways to spend time with you that benefit him more, perhaps just a booty call, enough to keep you hanging on but not enough to constitute real quality time.


He Won’t Commit to a Second Date

color, facial expression, face, hair, person, So, you went on the first date, and everything felt like it went well, but all that you have been doing since is texting back and forth and having some WhatsApp fun. His reluctance to commit to a second date but willingness to keep texting you might be a sign that he’s not that interested but still likes to have his ego stroked over social media and in private chats!


He Pays More Attention when You Call Him out

hair, human action, face, person, nose, Does he start to pay more attention the second that you actually call him out on his evasiveness? This is a trademark sign of breadcrumbing as he is just giving you what you need in the moment to try and placate you for another few days or even weeks. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you have made him change his ways, it could just be temporary.


You Just Text

muscle, If the majority of your time spent together is online and via texting rather than actually being together in person, then you can safely assume that he isn’t that interested in getting to know you better. There’s a good chance that you could just be being used as some light entertainment for when he is feeling bored. Don’t put up with it!


Short, Rapid Texting

photo shoot, singer, A guy who is really into you will be super engaged and chatty when it comes to texting, sending really long and detailed messages to try to entertain you and keep you interested. On the other hand, somebody who is breadcrumbing will start to leave shorter and shorter messages, just one word answers, until eventually there’s no reply at all!


You Are Phased in and out

black, image, lady, fashion, model, One week you are being tagged in photos and memes every half hour, and the next week you start to see that he isn’t doing it so much, or is even tagging other girls instead. Take this as a sign that you aren’t a constant thought in his mind, but perhaps rather a flavor of the month being phased in and out when he feels like it.


Awkward Interaction

person, Have your interactions with him started to feel a bit like pulling teeth? If once easy conversation suddenly seems really hard, then he could be withdrawing from you and making connecting hard, perhaps in order to phase you out completely without having to ‘dump you’.


He Only Texts You at Night

black, black and white, monochrome photography, monochrome, film noir, If the only time he is texting you is at 1am when he is looking for a potential booty call, then breadcrumbing is in full effect. He’s not committed enough for a proper relationship, but he wants to keep you hanging on with the smallest bits of attention. You deserve better!


He’s Says He’s Serious but Doesn’t Show It

person, woman, photography, lady, beauty, Every girl wants to hear that a guy is really serious about her, but there is huge different between saying it and actually meaning it. If he says he’s committed but can’t even settle on a day for a date, then he’s probably just leading you on.


He Pretends like Nothing Happened

person, hairstyle, screenshot, He can disappear or be unresponsive for long periods of time, but then just turn up at your door pretending like nothing ever happened. Don’t fall for this attention, what do you think he was doing while he was completely ignoring you? And who with!?

Life’s too short to be disrespected. You deserve the attention and time of someone who appreciates you. Women does not live by breadcrumbs alone!

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