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6 Warning Signs He Just Wants to Sleep with You for Girls Wondering about His Intentions ...

By Suzy

Sometimes you can go on a date with a guy with an ultimate goal of a relationship in mind and completely miss the warning signs he just wants to sleep with you. Some guys are upfront when they just want a hook-up, but some are more cunning than that.

These are the things you should watch out for if you're not sure he's got the purest intentions and look out for these alarming signs he just wants to sleep with you…

1 He’s Overly Handsy

If he touches your arm now and again when you’re talking, that’s one thing – it could just be him trying to show he likes you – but when he starts to touch you a lot, maybe places like your thigh or waist, and linger there, it could suggest that he’s pushing the boundaries and it's a clear sign he wants to sleep with you ASAP.

2 He Keeps Dropping Hints

If he keeps making little comments, or drops hints about sleeping with you that make you think he’s only after a hook-up, then he probably is. If he says he’s not looking for anything serious then that can definitely be a sure sign.

3 He Hasn’t Made Transport Arrangements for Going Home

Usually if you’re traveling for a date you’ll know what time the last bus/train leaves and you make sure you’re on it. However, if he’s vague, or has no clue about transportation times back home then he’s probably hoping (or possibly assuming) that he’ll be staying the night.

4 He’s Overly Confident

Don’t get me wrong, confidence is attractive in guys – to a certain extent. If he’s full of himself and brags about how many girls he’s dated or how attractive he is, then it’s possible that all he wants is a quick hook up.

5 He’s Only Focused on Your Appearance

Girls like to be complimented and it’s nice to be admired and told we look good, but if he spends the entire evening staring at your boobs and fails to ask you any questions about yourself or your life then he’s clearly only interested in your body and not you as a person.

6 He Won’t Take ‘no’ for an Answer

No guy has the right to pressure you ever. End of story. So if he keeps asking to stay over and you say no but he keeps pushing it--get out of there. If he liked you and was actually interested in seeing you again, he would respect your boundaries.

It can be hard to spot a player, but there are sometimes subtle signs. If you just want a hook up, then that’s completely fine, but if you’re looking for more, be careful not to invest your time in the wrong person. These signs he just wants to sleep with you - are going to be a great help! Know more tips? Do tell us in the comments!

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