Essential Date Survival Cheat-Sheet for the One Who's a Third Wheel ...


Essential Date Survival Cheat-Sheet for the One Who's a Third Wheel ...
Essential Date Survival Cheat-Sheet for the One Who's a Third Wheel ...

Come with us, they said; it will be fun, they said. Yeah, that’s usually how third-wheel dates start out. And we’ve all been there, we’ve all been talked into spending quality time with couples, but there is a reason why we all tremble at the word ‘third-wheel.’ Having a great time with two people who can’t take their eyes off each other can be quite a challenge, but hey, it’s not impossible! There are ways to make your experience a little bit more pleasant and turn it into something positive.

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Participate in Conversations, Don’t Remain Silent

meal, restaurant, lunch, Nobody voluntarily puts himself or herself in the third-wheel position, but if you accidentally end up in one, make the most of it. Don’t be awkward and isolate yourself, instead imagine you are hanging out with a group of friends and jump into conversations when it is appropriate to do so. However, if the couple is talking about their own business, find something to redirect your focus to.


Ask Questions and Receive Input from Both of Them

person, singer, This could be a perfect opportunity for you to ask them relationship questions if that is what you are in need of and receive genuine inputs from both sides of a relationship. Assuming that the couple is comfortable with sharing their experience, you can learn from their mistakes and carry those lessons over into your own love life. Long-lived couples are wise on the topic of relationships! So use them as your personal love gurus.


Plan Activities That Are Meant to Be Done in Groups

vehicle, driving, pilot, Once you find out that you are going to be third-wheeling, make sure you are not agreeing to do something that might be a perfect romantic date idea. For example, say ‘no’ to going to a screening of a scary movie or a stroll in a park. You don’t need to constantly be reminded of the fact that you are a ‘single pringle.’ Pick out something you’ll all enjoy as a group!


Embrace Being Part of a Tricycle

, Hanging out with couples doesn’t have to be weird if you don’t make it out to be. Embrace your third-wheel label and poke fun at the situation without making your friends feel bad for being together. You can be the front wheel that stabilizes the tricycle of friendship!


Charge Your Phone in Case You Need Something to Occupy Yourself with

eating, sense, Yes, sometimes couples do get carried away. They get mushy and uncomfortable to look at, so make sure you have your phone to distract you in moments like this! Play the latest game that hasn’t been letting you sleep at night or start a conversation with someone you are sure will reply back to you.

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Be Honest with Your Friends, Let Them Know How You Feel

organ, If there are some things that make you feel a little tense, bring them up to your friends! There is no reason why they wouldn’t want hear you out, as long as you are honest and reasonable with them. Chances are they aren’t trying to bother you on purpose.


Use It to Your Advantage

human action, performance, rock concert, music, entertainment, Being a third wheel doesn't have to be a negative! Use you're friends man to meet cute single guys so maybe it can turn into a double date!


Invite Other People

human action, romance, selfie, interaction, You don't necessarily have to be alone. You can always invite another friend of yours for those awkward PDA lulls. You may not have someone to make out with but you and your other friend sure can still have fun!


Be Positive about It

person, interaction, You might just make one of your best friends in your friends beau. I know I did before. Staying positive about being the third wheel allows you to engage, to see what you do and don't want in a relationship, and experience new things.


Ultimately Try to Have Fun!

music, audience, Being a third-wheel really isn’t that bad. In fact, it can be quite fun. Who knows, maybe they’ll remind you of how great it is to be single. Maybe you’ll love being a third-wheel and actually wouldn’t mind being one, once in a while!

So next time you get invited to do something with a couple, don’t say ‘no’ on impulse. Give it a chance and try it out, you might enjoy it!

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Honestly if you feel like a third wheel then dont hang out with that couple. Find casual friends and dont barge into others dating lifes.

Geez women are you mad cause your a third wheel ? My daughter is and she has fun

Ha jk

"Stabilises the tricycle is friendship"

I always had fun being a third wheel haha

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