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How to "Date" Yourself before You Date Someone else ...

By Holly

Why date a man when you could just date yourself? Instead of going out on dates every weekend, you should spend some quality time alone every week. That way, you'll learn to find happiness without having to rely on another person. Even if you find a partner in the meantime, you'll have a stronger relationship with them, because you won't always need them by your side. Here are a few of the best techniques for dating yourself before you date someone else:

1 Go out Alone

There are certain places that people consider "date spots," where they wouldn't dare to go alone. However, there's no reason for single people to avoid the places that couples frequent. You're allowed to go to the movie theater alone or to a fancy restaurant alone. Sure, some people might judge you, but they aren't as secure as you are. You don't need a partner when you could have a grand old time all by yourself.

2 Dress up

Most people dress up to go out on dates. However, you don't have to wait for a guy to ask you out to wear something nice. You can buy a sexy dress, do your makeup, and then just lounge around the house. Of course, you should take advantage of the photo opportunities. If you're going to go though all the trouble of making yourself up, you might as well snap a few pictures.


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3 Buy Yourself Treats

Flowers and chocolates aren't reserved for women in relationships. You can buy yourself a beautiful vase of flowers to decorate your house with. You can buy buckets of chocolate to eat when you're bored. Don't be afraid to treat yourself.

4 Leave Yourself Love Notes

It's sweet for a boyfriend to leave his partner notes around the house, but you can create your very own notes. Write yourself a letter to read whenever you're upset. Jot down compliments and stick them to your mirror. Put an inspirational background on your phone. Do whatever works.

5 Make a Fancy Meal

If you were in a relationship, you wouldn't go out to eat every single night. Once in a while, you'd make some fancy food. That's why you should create an elaborate meal for yourself, complete with candles and wine. Then you can set a bath and enjoy your quiet night.

6 Buy a Pet

Just because you're single, it doesn't mean that you have to live alone. You can find companionship with your very own puppy or kitty! There's no better way to learn self-love. When your pet scampers up to you after a long day and sleeps with you throughout the night, you'll feel like the most lovable person in the world. It'll also help you learn responsibility and how to care for another living being, which can help when you eventually enter a romantic relationship.

7 Learn What Makes You Happy

The point of dating yourself is to learn what makes you happy. Watch new genres of movies to see what you like. Visit new places to see what interests you. Try to expand your knowledge of the world in order to expand your knowledge of yourself.

You don't need to rely on someone else to provide you with happiness, because you can learn to live for yourself. What are you going to do today to "date" yourself?

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